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One of my 2 housemates is an artist, & the 2 of us often befuddle the 3rd, our mutual boss, who cannnot fathom why a particular night sky, or a sunset, or a bird standing on a fencepost, or a sculpture, or a photo, or even a COLOR, gets us so excited, LOL.

I thot it might be nice to share some images or links, to things that have struck us - any medium, anything that made U smile, stand & gaze, or made yer heart leap.

I’m gonna start with one of Liz’s projects, a huge print carved into a massive block, painted, & rolled by a steam-roller during an art fest, onto a handmade sheet of 4-ft x 6-ft heavy paper.



That’s Liz Hardy in the left foreground, with her tool pouch & a delighted grin. :)
This was... September, i think, in Boston. [2018]
Title, “Kayak Going Into The Neponset River”

What have U seen, made, used, read, heard... lately?
What things in Ur home feel great, in or under Ur hand?

I’m a sucker for tools, a good tool is an object of both beauty & use, to me; I used to tell my BFs that i’m a cheap date, take me to any good old-fashioned hardware store & turn me loose, or to a flea market or antique store... i can rummage & gaze to my heart’s content, LOL.

- terry

I was hunting for a photo of a painting I bought recently but found one with four pieces of artwork in one!


Up the top, barely visible, is a print by the wildlife artist Gary Hodges - we have several of his.

The two sighthounds I 'won' in an online auction raising money for the rescue organisation Lurcher Link. The person who donated them she had also got them in a similar auction several years back so I like the idea of them raising money for dogs as the travel from place to place.

The picture of the cow is by a local artist. I spotted it by chance and had to buy it because not only did I think it a lovely painting, the cow is a Guernsey, which is the breed my grandad kept. When I was very small he just had three, who were pretty much his pets, and I'd get up early every day when we stayed on his farm to watch him milk them by hand.

On the right is a portrait of me, drawn when I sat for my mum's art group, aged around 10-12. My mum had to ruin it by saying he'd glammed it up a bit. She was always good at put-downs...

Wow, love the Guernsey! - small, but such an eloquent piece. :)

I can’t see any added glamour in the childhood portrait - it just looks simple & sweet.
U resemble my younger sister, at that age. :)

- terry

You calling me simple?:D

I found the Guernsey artist's website after buying the picture and she specialises in pencil/ink (can't remember exactly) sketches of children, cottages, and so on. No paintings at all. But the sale was by a local art group she's a member of so I suspect she just did this as a one-off with them. I know which style I prefer!
This is the only picture I have ever bought, I used to walk past a picture shop in The Lanes on my way home from work when I was 16 and I saw this picture and fell in love with it, I eventually said to myself 'bugger it' and spent nearly half my wages on it, £30!! I still love it and it has moved everywhere with me...
Wow, @Flobo - I think I'd find that too sad to live with! 'Etched by me at 15'... Have you managed to decipher the artist's name and track them down? There must be a story there crying out to be told.
@JudyN, yes I meant to add that in an edit, not a picture of joy, but the emotion portrayed is quite something I thought and done by someone a tad younger than me when I bought it. I walked past it for nearly a month and was always drawn to it so eventually went in and got it. I have always meant to try and look up the artist but never got round to it!

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