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  1. S

    Whippet accused of biting

    I live in the UK in a dog-friendly block of flats with my sweet whippet. We don't have concierge and have been struggling with people entering the building, behaving antisocially and stealing parcels. I was with my whippet, who was on a short leash, moving my neighbours' parcels to a safer area...
  2. J

    Nippy Saluki

    Morning :) I go walking with my friend & her saluki/lurcher (rescue pup). She’s mostly lovely and friendly, but very territorial of her sofa and very nervous and aggressive to middle aged men and dogs she doesn’t know in her house. When we walk her we take her away from the footpaths so she can...
  3. E

    Please help. Naughty puppy

    Hi, I have a 15 week old cockerpoo, she’s started jumping up on to the sofa we’re we’re sitting an biting us. He goes through burst that last about 5 mins we’re she just literally torments us. As she still has her puppy teeth there all really sharp. When we’re walking around she’ll jump up and...
  4. H

    Help - my 3 year old labrador just bit someone...

    I'm completely shocked and confused. My 3 year old Labrador has just bitten someone we know in the village having never shown aggressive behaviour before. He runs around outside a lot during the day (in a very excitable manner, he's an overgrown puppy) and we have a gate at the bottom of the...