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Whippet accused of biting


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I live in the UK in a dog-friendly block of flats with my sweet whippet. We don't have concierge and have been struggling with people entering the building, behaving antisocially and stealing parcels. I was with my whippet, who was on a short leash, moving my neighbours' parcels to a safer area that requires fob key access. I noticed someone behaving seemingly erratically - walking quickly into the lift, coming back out again, going into the stair case and coming back out again. I didn't recognise him but he seemed to have a fob so I decided to leave it. While I was moving the parcels, he walked rapidly and unexpectedly through the doorway I was standing in. My whippet was startled and lunged at him, barking. He then doubled over, seemingly in agony, screaming. I tried to check on his wellbeing but he asked me to leave him alone. He looked really scared so I backed away. At this point, I still had no idea who he was and what he was doing in the building.

After some time has passed, I have just received an email from the management company claiming my dog bit a security guard and they are considering removing my dog. I immediately went to the security office, where I saw him. I asked him what had happened and he showed me a photo of what looked like a faint scratch (it did not look like a bite mark). A hole had been ripped in his trousers - I believe in the pocket area. He claimed he had muscle spasms and needed a shot. I am certain the spasms were due to stress because I can't see how they could have developed from a small scratch. He claims there is security footage but wouldn't show it to me - saying I should deal with the management company. He is clearly terrified of dogs and refuses to engage with me.

I have no idea what to do. I have contacted my insurance company and made an appointment with a behaviourist. I will have to wait until Monday to hear back from the management company. I am neurodivergent and my dog provides a huge amount of support with this. I don't want this person to feel uncomfortable at work but this is also my home and I believe his fear of dogs has resulted in him misinterpreting the situation.
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Second both of above, but also if there is security cctv evidence, surely the management company has this and you should have a right to see it? Also if he required a 'shot' he also would of had to seek medical help, so again I believe you should be able to ask for proof of this... I am not a lawyer but it does all sound like they are threatening removal of your dog, (which is a major step to happen as a first step!) without sharing evidence and proof of injury, or without the offer of mediation, which to me is very wrong... did he report it to the police by the way?
Please do seek professional advice and let us know how you get on.
I can but echo the comments from the others. As a pointy face owner (and we have only ever had rescued whippets) I find the thought of a serious injury to a human from a whippet attack difficult to take in. At the most, someone may have a fear of dogs but that’s not the dog’s fault. Perhaps I’m seeing things too simply. Hope the debacle settles without further difficulty. Please keep us in the picture.

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