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  1. Paul Whippet

    Hi, I'm a Whippet owner in East Anglia.

    I've had my Whippet for four and a half years. Prior to that I had a rescued Standard Poodle, who sadly died of cancer. I'm looking forward to sharing experience and advice about keeping Whippets healthy and happy.
  2. Z

    My beautiful Nesta

    Hi everyone, My beautiful whippet Nesta was born with a heart murmur we found out when he was about 4 but we were told this is common and no cause for concern as he never had any problems and was always very healthy. He is now 12 years old and we have just found out his heart murmur was...
  3. S

    Whippet accused of biting

    I live in the UK in a dog-friendly block of flats with my sweet whippet. We don't have concierge and have been struggling with people entering the building, behaving antisocially and stealing parcels. I was with my whippet, who was on a short leash, moving my neighbours' parcels to a safer area...
  4. D

    Whippet excercise

    Hi. My name is David and I’ve just joined the community. My partner and I have our first dog who we love dearly: a 6 months old, female, blue brindle whippet, called Elsa. She enjoys being off-lead in the local fields, always keeping an eye on where we are and returning when called. She runs at...
  5. Eleni Avramidou

    Weird dry dog spot growing outwards, please help.

    Hello everybody, I am worried about a spot growing on my dog's face, next to his mouth. It showed up 3-4 weeks ago as a small round spot and gradually the top skin of it has grown dry and skin opens up like scales. It's on the surface of his skin, no lamps and no inflammation when I put my...
  6. Benj

    Whippets - girl or boy?

    Hi folks! I'm looking at getting a whippet pup from a KC breeder and I've always wanted a female but now I'm having a wobble! I'm wondering if a male dog might be more inclined to play fetch with a ball. I've had a dog before and the ball was such a great way to get exercise on those occasions...
  7. Maryhw

    Puppy night time toileting query

    Hey! I recently got a whippet puppy. He is 10 and a half weeks old. This is his 5th night with us. Luckily he settles very quickly in his crate and doesn’t whine at night. Last night I set 2 alarms to take him to toilet, both times he got up and went with me (successfully eliminated!). Tonight I...
  8. W

    Hi Everyone and their dogs :)

    I came across while researching courses for animal behaviours ! So pleased I have found other dog owners ! Having been around dogs all my life, and various breeds I love all dogs ! I have had my heartbroken by a few over the years, most recently the loss of my beloved Lakeland...
  9. Jemmagar


    Just introducing myself. I’m looking for a whippet as a sister to my 5yr old Vizsla bitch and to compete with in Flyball. Ive joined this page to learn all I can to help me pick the best breeders/puppies for this purpose with health and temperament as top priority.
  10. E

    Lurcher non period whippet advice

    Hello I’ve ran my dog in lurcher races and she’s a greyhound x whippet x saluki, is she classed as a non ped whippet? And what is a non ped whippet compared to a long dog? Is a non ped just whippet x greyhound?
  11. Falconer

    Thoughts on bringing another whippet into a only dog household?

    Hi all, I’m new here. My Dash is a pedigree whippet from a rescue, 5 and a half years old, we have had him since 10 months. He is such a spoilt only dog and his whole world revolves around us! He still has some separation anxiety from previous homes. We want to adopt a Candy Cane Rescue whippet...
  12. BabyWhippet

    Whippet Puppy - Seperation Anxiety?

    Hello all! I have a new Whippet puppy, Nala is 11 weeks old and has now been with me for 3 weeks. She is an absolute delight (apart from about 40 mins 2x day when she's hell on wheels!), she comes with me to work so is with me all day in the office, playing, having cuddles from everyone and...
  13. smithwold

    Greyhound/Whippet/Sighthound Vets?

    Hi all, looking to create a nationwide list of vets who specialise in Athletic/Running dogs. If anyone has they know and use would they be kind enough to post either here of PM: name of the practice, any specific vets, address and phone number please. Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    Jackson and Blue 2 whippets

    Hi there I have 2 whippets, a boy called Jackson who's almost 2, and a girl blue whippet called... Blue! She's just over 1. They're half siblings. A bit crazy and very affectionate.
  15. Marc Hartley

    Hi I’m Marc, a new member looking for a small whippet.

    We had two whippets and one has recently died. The remaining bitch is thirteen and not well. A mature small male would make a good companion for her and us.
  16. M

    Whippet puppy - help please!

    Hi there I'm new to the forum - i'm going to be taking on a whippet pup in about 4 weeks. Very excited as this is my first dog, albeit I've been around dogs all of my life. This is my own pup. First question is. I look after my sister's dog. She's a small dog. A chihuahua, yorkie, terrier, so...
  17. G

    Leaving puppy home

    Have had my 9 week old puppy for 2 days now, me and my wife are after some advice on leaving our puppy at home whilst at work, I work 15 hours a day 3 - 4 times a week and my wife works 4 hours a day 4 times a week and one day working 7 hours, we are currently leaving him in an open crate in the...
  18. michael darrington

    Whippets Second Season

    My whippet was due her second season about 3 weeks ago . Both my male dogs showed interest , following her around , trying to lick her , whimpering , and attempting to mount ( all the usual ). She as before growled and snapped and kept her tail tucked under. Three weeks on from the boys...
  19. kirislin

    The Mud Monster

    My whippet Tag absolutely loves to run through water, especially muddy water, it's just about his favourite thing to do, apart from eating. I took this set of photos because I could predict what he was going to do, so I sat at the end of the long muddy gully, and waited, and sure enough he did...