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My beautiful Nesta


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Hi everyone,

My beautiful whippet Nesta was born with a heart murmur we found out when he was about 4 but we were told this is common and no cause for concern as he never had any problems and was always very healthy.

He is now 12 years old and we have just found out his heart murmur was caused by a leaky valve and now he is 12 years old it has progressed to mitral valve disease despite Nesta only showing symptoms a couple of weeks ago. He is now on three types of medication and is doing really well.

I know heart murmurs are common in whippets therefore I am just wondering if anyone has had the same experience or has any additional knowledge to share. Our vets are great and he will have regular check ups however I think whippet and dog owners would also be good to talk to or get advice from.

Thanks in advance.

Zahra x
My first lurcher was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was 6, and she was 18 when she died after having a very active life. So while not good news, it's still possible for a dog with heart issues to have a decent prognosis.
I am sorry - I cannot offer any advice but just wanted to say I feel for you. They are our babies and we just want them to be happy and healthy. As Hemlock says with the right care its not always doom and gloom and the outlook can be optimistic.

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