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Weird dry dog spot growing outwards, please help.

Eleni Avramidou

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Hello everybody,

I am worried about a spot growing on my dog's face, next to his mouth. It showed up 3-4 weeks ago as a small round spot and gradually the top skin of it has grown dry and skin opens up like scales.
It's on the surface of his skin, no lamps and no inflammation when I put my finger on the inside of his mouth. Took him to the vets and a young trainee saw it and said it must be a mole but I haven't seen anywhere something similar so not sure if it is a mole. She also checked to see of he has any swelling there and otheer places of his body to eliminate the worry of cancer and generally lumps, all clear. So she just said to monitor it but I just wanted to find more about it.
The base of it is pink but not bloody of any other fluid oozing out. It doesn't seem to bother him, meaning scratching it, licking it etc. He is 2.5 years old healthy whippet, has been neutered last year.
I am not worried that is something dangerous but I
would like to know more about it and what that might be and if there is anything I can do.
Has anyone seen something similar?
I am posting three pics of three stages over the past 4 weeks.
Thank you kindly, this looks like it and feel relieved that I am more aware of what it might be. I will definitely having checked out again by his usual vet doctor. Really appreciate your help xx

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