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  1. VeryImportantPets.Shop

    Hello, we are Very Important Pets - a premier UK online dog supplies store

    Very Important Pets offers a diverse range of high-quality pet products. Based in the UK, we've extended our expertise from over 22 years in pet services to an online store launched in January 2024. Our family-run business caters to all your pets' needs with a focus on quality and customer...
  2. N

    Calling all dog, cat, rabbit and/or Syrian hamster owners! I need your help!

    Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I’m a PhD student at Hartpury University and UWE. I am exploring pet owner perceptions of UK legislation about pets and would be extremely grateful if you could take the time to fill out my questionnaire! The questionnaire should take no more than 20 minutes...
  3. pet_glam_grove

    Hello Dog Lovers! Thrilled to introduce you to Pet Glam Grove – your go-to destination for elevating your furry friend's style game! We're not just your average online pet store; we're a community that celebrates the bond between you and your pets with a touch of glamour and love. Why Pet Glam...
  4. S

    64 day pregnant dog???

    Hello, My German shepherd is day 64 after tying. She was day 11 into heat cycle we couldn’t get an appointment for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. she has been on and off panting the last few days but has settled since last night. Gone off her food and drink. She’s had a little bit of...
  5. M

    Just seen a dog owner treating there dog awfully advice needed?

    I wonder if anyone can help me, I was in my kitchen and looked up to look out of kitchen window as heard a car. A large silver car was parked across end of our drive. They got out and were fiddling around out side there car. Then I see a man who had got out of car. Grab his dog by the neck...
  6. theoutdor

    ran out of dog food what to feed dog?

    Could you describe me ran out of dog food what to feed dog?
  7. theoutdor

    Why my don't watch tv?

    'Would you suggest me any idea?
  8. P

    The dreaded nail clippers

    Hello. I am at my wits end here. I’ve trained all kind of breeds from saluki to shaffy. But now I have a Saint Bernard, he’s 5. Since he was a puppy I’ve always clipped his nails and he’s never had an issue with it until covid and he had to go to the vet himself as we weren’t allowed in. And now...
  9. Adrian P

    Dogs and Germolene *WARNING*

    Dogs and Germolene WARNING My 8 3/4 year old cat recently died from toxic poisoning a few days after I applied Bayer's Germolene. There was no warning whatsoever on either the tube or box against using on animals, so I presumed it was entirely safe.
  10. Catrine Lillelund

    Feedback from dog owners

    Hi Dogforum I've recently launched a shop called WOOF WOOF ( selling personalised dog products for dog owners. I love dogs and really wanted to find a way to show the world how passionate I am about my furry friends and give the same opportunity to others. To show their love of their...
  11. JackL6868

    Help dogs/cats

    I like raising dogs and cats, and I started a pet supplies company after I started helping stray dogs and cats. We still regularly donate a certain percentage of our turnover to pet rescue agencies. I'm looking for new dog/cat-related product ideas which do not exist on the market. or any...
  12. A

    Hybrid work

    Hello, I am desperate to get a dog. I bought a house just so I could get one, however I was working such a demanding job previously I decided against it. Since this however I have started a new job which is hybrid working so 3 days a week plus weekends I am home all day or can at least take...
  13. Eleni Avramidou

    Weird dry dog spot growing outwards, please help.

    Hello everybody, I am worried about a spot growing on my dog's face, next to his mouth. It showed up 3-4 weeks ago as a small round spot and gradually the top skin of it has grown dry and skin opens up like scales. It's on the surface of his skin, no lamps and no inflammation when I put my...
  14. Siying Niu

    Please help me with my Master's Design research. (The topic of research is "After dogs die")

    Hi there: I hope all is well. I am a research student from Glasgow School of Art, I am here to invite you to participate in my research. Respectfully, the topic of research is "After dogs die". I want to conduct research on Interaction Design which involves how to commemorate your dog better...
  15. T

    recommendations for hard wearing safe dog chews.

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations for tough dog chews for a terrior that just loves chewing, I have given my dog cow hooves which he loves but he manges to bite large pieces off and swalows so bit worries about using them any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  16. Dogs Only Gear

    Dogs Only Gear

    Founded by Benjamin, Tested by Nala. After getting my first dog in October 2021, a beautiful and intelligent Border Collie named Nala, as with most first-time dog owners, I just wanted her to have the best of everything not fully realising for the first 3 months how much this actually costs. 3...
  17. T

    Help! dog is eating his bed

    Hi, our 7 month old Patterdale is a lovely little dog..very clever still teething and will go into his crate at bedtime with no bother, the problem we have is he eats his bedding and I mean he doesen't just chew it he swallows some of it. We have gone through 2 crate matresses, so decided to use...
  18. Elliemum2x

    TEDDY! he says Hi :)

    well, it includes an ugly owner sorry! but, here's teddy he says hello
  19. Sami2703

    Old Border Collie .. Help

    Hi, First post as I’ve only just joined, it’s a little long I apologise. not sure what I’m asking for here or what I’m looking for really. Think I just need to share and maybe look for reassurance or some friendly advice/words on what happened tonight. I have a 13 year old border collie...
  20. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Rocco smiling