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Old Border Collie .. Help


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First post as I’ve only just joined, it’s a little long I apologise.

not sure what I’m asking for here or what I’m looking for really. Think I just need to share and maybe look for reassurance or some friendly advice/words on what happened tonight.

I have a 13 year old border collie called Alfie. He’s amazing and I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old.
He’s your typical crazy, anxious, intelligent border collie .

over the last year his age has slowed him right down. I took him to the beta last year and he was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips. I was told he had a healthy heart and looked in great condition though.

the last week he has been urinating in the house (never done this before) I’ve put it down to old age, but he kept doing it more frequently, he has upped his water intake to the point that’s it too much I think.

when he urinates in the house, he doesn’t cock his leg or squat he just stands and sways a little bit.

I took him to the vets on Monday as I suspected it could be a urinary infection. He got his urine tested and that came back clear.
The vet checked him over and said he could be incontinent and gave me some drops to help and told to come back in 2 weeks, and was told if the drops hadn’t worked then a blood test will be done.

The drops aren’t working, and tonight, he wobbled a bit while walking so I knelt down to steady him, his back legs went a bit and he stared peeing, and then went limp on me. I thought he’d died as his head flopped etc.

He came round about 10 seconds later, weirdly, his stretched his legs out stiff and cried in pain. This lasted for about 5 seconds then he just went floppy but awake. It took a good few minutes for him to come round properly to get on his feet. When he stood up I noticed he had pooed himself aswell.

He has had his meal as normal and again drunk water. He seems ok now. I will be ringing my vets first thing to get him in.

Sorry for the long read, I’m just worried, anxious and looking for a little reassurance, or maybe someone has gone through something similar with there dog and could tell me what I’m expecting?

thanks again x
It sounds like the incontinence could be his kidneys ...a simple blood test will show this ...
My lurcher had a similar episode and his was a stroke. ...
Good luck at the vets...let us know how your boy is xx
I've no advice to offer, but hope that the vet can find out what's going on and treat it. Good luck xx
Thank you, I’ve managed to get him in the vets today at 10am. Vet nurse on phone said it sounds like a stroke or seizure
Good luck, please do come back and tell us how you get on.
Hi everyone, thank you for your well wishes :)
The vet said it looks like he’s had a mini stroke. He’s not to concerned as Alf was very alert etc
He has given him some tablets to help blood get to the brain, he’s on these for 2 weeks.
Vet said if he has another episode on these tablets then it’s more serious than we think. He has an appointment for his bloods next Friday.
Fingers crossed he’ll be ok within the next week or so.
Thanks again guys! :) x
That sounds encouraging...make each day special and give your boy a gentle hug from me xx
That sounds positive that the vet wasn't too concerned. Thank you for updating us.

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