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  1. M

    What is wrong with my dog?

    Hello! I am really worried about my dog and just want to hear your opinions, I am not a vet in any way shape or form. My dog missy is a JRT 13 years old and was completely normal on Friday morning when I left the house, I returned around 4 in the afternoon and there was vomit everywhere. Missy...
  2. Sami2703

    Old Border Collie .. Help

    Hi, First post as I’ve only just joined, it’s a little long I apologise. not sure what I’m asking for here or what I’m looking for really. Think I just need to share and maybe look for reassurance or some friendly advice/words on what happened tonight. I have a 13 year old border collie...
  3. smithwold

    Greyhound/Whippet/Sighthound Vets?

    Hi all, looking to create a nationwide list of vets who specialise in Athletic/Running dogs. If anyone has they know and use would they be kind enough to post either here of PM: name of the practice, any specific vets, address and phone number please. Thanks in advance.
  4. C

    Dog Owners Needed.

    I'm currently at university doing my dissertation about pheromones in domestic dogs. It would be very helpful if all dog owners could complete the survey below. Thank you. Survey -
  5. Violet Turner

    When Is A Puppy’s First Injection? And More...

    I have been googling and it’s turning out not helpful, everywhere says different for all the below topics. I thought someone could help me on this forum, because you are all super helpful. I have been looking in my books but can find nothing on this topics. Also when can a puppy have its first...
  6. S

    Mole/lump on dogs back leg

    Hi first time on this forum and was looking for similar posts to mine. Basically my dog (staffie cross) had a small white sort of wart type thing on his back leg a few week ago and I just assumed it was a wart and would go away. However when I remembered a couple days ago avout it I went to...