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What is wrong with my dog?

Megan Mcknight

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I am really worried about my dog and just want to hear your opinions, I am not a vet in any way shape or form.

My dog missy is a JRT 13 years old and was completely normal on Friday morning when I left the house, I returned around 4 in the afternoon and there was vomit everywhere. Missy was shaking and I called her out of bed and she was very weak. I immediately rushed her to the vet and the vet gave her an anti sickness injection and an antibiotic injection. We returned home and she continued to deteriorate shaking, diarrhoea, panting all night long. Missy was drinking water but isn’t eating. I stayed up with her most of the night and then brought her to the vet on Saturday morning, bloods have been taken and she is showing 4 high levels in kidneys and liver see attachment. The vet said that she has kidney disease which she thinks is causing this and said that it is progressive and we could put her on a drip to see if we could see any improvements. I decided if it is progressive I will just get her euthanised to avoid any unnecessary pain to Missy. The vet then seemed to talk me out of it because she has seen ‘far worse’ kidney levels. The vet has put missy on an IV drip and I have since been told the kidneys are not the problem. It’s more likely to be the liver…Missy has been on the drip approx 16 hours and no real improvement. can you please let me know your thoughts?
I'm so sorry, this must be really hard for you. She looks like an absolute sweetie.

My first thought when you described her symptoms was that she might have been poisoned - did your vet consider this and decide against it?

Unfortunately, without knowing the exact cause, I doubt anyone here can really advise on what to do - hopefully your vet can guide you as to what the chances are of her recovering and having more quality time. Good luck xx
What Judy said. And big hugs. And everything crossed for a successful outcome.
Thank you so much, I can’t think of anything she could have been poisoned by. Thanks for your kind words.
How did she do overnight - any change?
Hi Joanne,

slight improvement but still not eating anything.

the vet took bloods again after the drip and they came back relatively normal.
The vet is doing another scan now and missy will be sent home tonight if that is all clear.
The vet doesn’t know what’s wrong with her which is frustrating.

thanks for asking.
Apologies if I'm asking the obvious, but did the vet rule out gastric enteritis?? That can be really nasty especially when the dog is a bit older... Glad to hear there has been a slight improvement, I too will keep everything crossed that she continues to improve. Thinking of you and Missy x
I wondered about the possibility of a virus as suggested by Flobo. We have experienced the very first bout of any bowel or stomach problems in our 6mo old whippet sisters Orni and Sassi. We went for a walk in the meadow and there was a lady with a dog off lead as that’s the norm there. She called to us just as Orni eagerly approached and said “best stay away, my dogs got a nasty stomach bug”. We wouldn’t have thought they were near enough and I whipped mine away but sure enough Or I came down with terrible diarrhoea and vomiting and a day or so later so did Sassi. They were completely off their food and totally lethargic. I am delighted to say that this morning normal service has resumed and eat, fun and games are all back to normal. They are even hungrier than before which is unusual for Sassi.

I hope Missy is lucky and just has a nasty bug. The blood tests could possibly be skewed by dehydration? I know this would be the case in humans. But whatever, I wish you and Missy the very best.
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