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health problems

  1. M

    Dog eye problem

    Around a week ago, the hair started falling out around our dogs left eye. It didnt seem to bother him too much but we consulted with our vet on Wednesday and were told it was probably an allergic reaction that will resolve itself. However, today his eye is much worse and now seems to have red...
  2. P

    New rescue dog - phantom season?

    Hello I haven't posted here before and hope that someone can advise.....I have recently rehomed a working cocker bitch un-neutered and 2 years old. I already have a castrated labradoodle boy. She settled in really well and she's very happy at finding herself in a home for the first time (she was...
  3. C

    Mucus Poop

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a lab (he’s about a year and a half) that had diarrhoea exactly one week ago today. I contacted a vet that suggested it was a bug and to monitor him. By Tuesday, he appeared to be getting better but Wednesday he took it again, this time...
  4. M

    What is wrong with my dog?

    Hello! I am really worried about my dog and just want to hear your opinions, I am not a vet in any way shape or form. My dog missy is a JRT 13 years old and was completely normal on Friday morning when I left the house, I returned around 4 in the afternoon and there was vomit everywhere. Missy...
  5. M

    Feeding cocker spaniel raw

    Hello, I have a 2 year old cocker spaniel called Angus. We fed him raw for the first year we had him but he stopped eating regularly and lost weight so we switched to a mix of dry (barking heads) and wet (lilys kitchen /mutt and pooch). He now has A LOT of gas from both ends, his stools are...
  6. A

    The biggest everyday problems for dogs?

    Write down what problems with the dog do you face on a daily basis? Chewing shoes, barking at night, etc.
  7. MoodyMudi

    English Bulldog Health & Welfare : a University project

    Hi, My name is Ella and I'm researching English bulldogs (as part of a University project). As a student of Animal Management (University of Hertfordshire), I am compiling a research report on health issues of the breed. As well as speaking to vets and pet insurers, I would love to understand...
  8. C

    Took in an abandoned dog, and it's all going wrong

    15 months ago, I returned from holiday to find an abandoned crossbreed terrier living in our hamlet. It attached itself to a neighbour who would feed it, but didn't want it, so he was living outdoors. As the neighbour hadn't gone to any efforts to find out about the dog, I took it to the vets...