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Dog eye problem


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Around a week ago, the hair started falling out around our dogs left eye. It didnt seem to bother him too much but we consulted with our vet on Wednesday and were told it was probably an allergic reaction that will resolve itself. However, today his eye is much worse and now seems to have red spots. Does anyone have any experience with this? He is a 1 year old cocker spaniel. I have attached images showing the progression.


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For some reason, images aren't loading for me (not just yours) but did your vet consider demodex mites, which do seem to affect the eye area?
I would go back to the vet, as far as I am aware it is quite unusual for an allergic reaction to just affect one eye... but I am not a vet or a doctor of course!
Thanks for the update - let us know how it goes.
It looks as if a vet visit would be a sensible thing.
As mentioned by Judy, ringworm could considered. I think the most sensible thing would be your visit to a professional, a vet.
Eyes are very delicate and any treatment so close should be taken with care.
Please keep in touch.
Just an update on this. We visited a vet yesterday (different to the original vet) who is fairly certain he has demodex mites. Unfortunately, he was a little too jumpy for the skin scraping sample that would be used for testing, but given his age and presentation the vet was happy to treat without this. He has medication to treat the mites and a cream to help with the swelling/redness. The vet thinks we will see an improvement in the next week, with the hair growing back in the next 3 months. Fingers crossed this will work! Thank you all for your suggestions and comments!
Thank you for the update. It's good to hear of a vet who respects the dog's opinions on being examined - there's many who don't :)
Good news, fingers crossed this clears it up. Carry on keeping us informed please!

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