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  1. LucyGoosey

    Advice needed - Friend is neglecting their dog

    Close friends of mine adopted a Border Collie puppy a few years ago and implemented a little training for a while but did not keep it up. As such he does misbehave, does not walk well on a lead and can be destructive. They did not used to walk the dog every day but did walk him most days. Ever...
  2. S_Ross

    Spaniel recovering from pancreatitis - advice

    Cocker Spaniel Female, aged 9. Hello, My spaniel had suspected pancreatitis a month ago. She recovered after taking an antibiotic (metrobactin) and probiotics (Purina Fortiflora). When she was ill, she was toileting in the house overnight. She was on an easily-digestible low-fat diet (Purina...
  3. Maryhw

    How do I teach a puppy to be alone

    Hello, I have a now 11 week old whippet puppy who has been with us for 9 days. For the last 5 days I have been on my own with him while my partner has been away for some training (I don’t work from home but I have had annual leave this week). I was just wondering how I can teach my puppy to be...
  4. Sami2703

    Border Collie Incontinence

    Hi, so I posted last week worried about my dogs health. He had a mini stroke and now on tablets for this. before he had this mini stroke he was being treated for incontinence. (He is 13) my question is how do you deal with the constant peeing in the house? His medication hasn’t helped, the...
  5. Sami2703

    Old Border Collie .. Help

    Hi, First post as I’ve only just joined, it’s a little long I apologise. not sure what I’m asking for here or what I’m looking for really. Think I just need to share and maybe look for reassurance or some friendly advice/words on what happened tonight. I have a 13 year old border collie...
  6. R

    Hello I'm a young masters student

    Hi!! I am passionate about dogs and have a research interest in the biopsychological impact of pet (dog) ownership. For my masters study I am interviewing YOUNG ADULT MALE dog owners about their experience of COVID-19 as I look into any psychological benefits of owning a dog. I urgently need a...
  7. yhb

    Advice on how to care my baby after spaying

    Hello my husband and I decided to spay now 10months old our little Maltipoo. It was a very difficult decision for me putting her through the surgery but after seeing her struggled so much with her season and phantom pregnancy for long time, we did many research and talking with the vet, We...
  8. M

    Feeding cocker spaniel raw

    Hello, I have a 2 year old cocker spaniel called Angus. We fed him raw for the first year we had him but he stopped eating regularly and lost weight so we switched to a mix of dry (barking heads) and wet (lilys kitchen /mutt and pooch). He now has A LOT of gas from both ends, his stools are...
  9. D

    Crate help please

    Hi, I am new here so apologies if I am posting to the wrong place etc :) I am getting my Labrador puppy soon, and trying to get everything sorted for him. I picked up the Pets at Home Double Door Crate Medium for him, but it's slightly too big and was hoping to easily pick up a divider rather...
  10. Z

    Dog Ownership Advice Needed - Will it work?

    I need some honest advice about whether my bf and I are realistically able to own a dog at this point in our lives. Firstly we are both very outdoorsy / active people and I have already have extensive experiences with both dogs and horses growing up - so I am no stranger to the realities of pet...
  11. K


    Hi I have a male puppy Jack Russel/Yorkshire Terrier cross pups all ok except one. He’s fine playing running around and all that but once he has eaten he can’t walk properly ( he is really greedy ) his legs give way and he sways. It’s worrying me or am I being stupid he is 4 weeks old and we...
  12. Rachaelregan

    Cookies new life

    Hi there, Cookie is 2, 3 in December and has had a horrid start in life, her owner Is a friend of my friend (**** knows why) cookie has lived in a kitchen without a bed or toys and barred from the front room. She is small for a Frenchie, has a heir lip and a deformity on her nose, she has a...
  13. L


    Hey guys just looking for advice really. I lost my baby (beagle 9 years old) 4 years ago and looking at getting another puppy and I don’t know where to start as I have heard so much bad stuff and it’s soooo long since Declan (my beagle) and he was from a litter of my auntie so I wouldn’t know...
  14. J

    Puppy eating grass

    I have a 17 week old miniature dachshund. He has always seemed to like to eat a little bit of grass since we got him. Yesterday he threw up what looked like greenish bile but was acting fine apart from being sleepy most of the day because of the heat. This morning I gave him his breakfast and he...
  15. D

    Hello, I'm a new puppy owner and I'm looking for some advice about my Whippet puppy please

    Our Whippet puppy is six months old and when we take him out for walks he does the runniest poops which make it really difficult to clean up afterwards. He does normal poops in the garden it's just while we're out and about. Has anyone got experience of this or any advice please?
  16. niamh_cass

    Cocker Spaniel Sick Puppy Advice

    Hi Everyone, On the 5th of April we introduced a Cocker Spaniel puppy 'Tommy' into our family. I've grew up with Springer Spaniels and a Cavalier King Charles. This is my first Cocker Spaniel, I know they are renowned for being active, but Tommy was quite the opposite very subdued and barely...
  17. L

    Old rescue dog help please

    Hi, I recently (six days ago) rescued a 12-year-old cocker spaniel from a family who were moving back to Australia and were going to put him down. I have dealt with rescue dogs before, lived with them but this particular dog is showing signs that are concerning me, I would just like to know what...
  18. Alanward87

    Dog harness

    Ok so currently we use the three peaks dog harness, however have noticed that he is getting reddening of the skin over his chest where it sits. I have been looking at and like the look of the ruffwear harness despite its price. Does anyone have experience with this harness or can they...
  19. Alanward87

    Boxer and food

    Hi all I was just wondering what your thoughts were as to the best food for a boxer. We currently feed him with food. The cost seems a little steep when compared to other brands. For example 11.3kg from tails is £60 and will last 4 weeks. Royal Canin boxer junior 12kg bag is £42 and...
  20. K

    Thinking to get border collie

    Hi all! It’s been a long time I wanted to get a dog, and now I’m sticking with border collie breed. I read a lot of info about this breed and I know it should be very challenging and life changing dog breed for me as I live on one bed apartment, but I have a private garden. In general about me...