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Hey guys just looking for advice really. I lost my baby (beagle 9 years old) 4 years ago and looking at getting another puppy and I don’t know where to start as I have heard so much bad stuff and it’s soooo long since Declan (my beagle) and he was from a litter of my auntie so I wouldn’t know where to start
Many thanks
I would have a look on the kennel Clubs find a puppy section where you will be able to put in the breed you want and what part of the country you are willing to travel:)
Champdogs is also another site I would have a look at:)
Keep away from places like Preloved,Gumtree,Pets4homes and Freeads.
What have you got to offer a puppy? i.e. things like how much training/exercise you can give, how far you want to walk each day? Local park, or wide open spaces? Do you want to have a dog with a sharp brain that you need to keep occupied, doing agility and such like, or one that will settle down in between walks? Do social butterflies who like cuddles appeal, or dogs that are a little more reserved? Do you have young children? Do you want to find a good breeder, or look at puppies in rescues?

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