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  1. P

    Younger dog attacking older dog help.

    Hi, so I have been having an issue where my younger dog is attacking my older dog and it has ramped up from the odd time to now every day. It happens at night time when we are all on the bed and my older dog will be asleep when all of a sudden my younger dog will sit up from whatever she is...
  2. T

    Weird behavior

    Hello. This is my first post so please be gentle. I have a nearly 4 year old amazing dog who is a sheltie-doodle x Jack Russel. (Dad was a brave jrt lol) we rescued him from a horrible family when he was less than 6 months old. He gets on really well with our cat, and our now teenage son. He is...
  3. C

    Mucus Poop

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a lab (he’s about a year and a half) that had diarrhoea exactly one week ago today. I contacted a vet that suggested it was a bug and to monitor him. By Tuesday, he appeared to be getting better but Wednesday he took it again, this time...
  4. A

    New Puppy Owner

    Hi everyone. My names Andrew and I am a first time dog owner with a puppy. I have a 16 week old cockapoo named Marvin that me and my girlfriend have had for nearly 2 weeks. I'm finding it both exciting and tiring at the moment. The joys are outweighing the cleaning up and the chewing...
  5. Sami2703

    Border Collie Incontinence

    Hi, so I posted last week worried about my dogs health. He had a mini stroke and now on tablets for this. before he had this mini stroke he was being treated for incontinence. (He is 13) my question is how do you deal with the constant peeing in the house? His medication hasn’t helped, the...
  6. R

    Hello I'm a young masters student

    Hi!! I am passionate about dogs and have a research interest in the biopsychological impact of pet (dog) ownership. For my masters study I am interviewing YOUNG ADULT MALE dog owners about their experience of COVID-19 as I look into any psychological benefits of owning a dog. I urgently need a...
  7. R


    Hi!! I am passionate about dogs and have a research interest in the biopsychological impact of dog ownership, after all they're brilliant!! For my masters study I am: - Interviewing YOUNG ADULT (18-35) MALE dog owners about their experience of COVID-19 as I look into any psychological...
  8. S

    Please help! Bulldog with issues toileting

    Hi all we got our bull dog 2 weeks ago 8 months old and he appears to be incontinent with poo! it’s just falls out Vet started him on antibiotics and probiotic which worked slightly because previously it was wet and so smelly but now we are are a kinetic sand consistency. Still didn’t know...
  9. DianeB83


    Hi everyone, My name is Diane. We adopted a young collie around 4 months ago and I’m hoping for some help with certain aspects of his behaviour. Hoping that someone will be able to help. Looking forward to getting to know the community.
  10. D

    Crate help please

    Hi, I am new here so apologies if I am posting to the wrong place etc :) I am getting my Labrador puppy soon, and trying to get everything sorted for him. I picked up the Pets at Home Double Door Crate Medium for him, but it's slightly too big and was hoping to easily pick up a divider rather...
  11. J

    Dog started going upstairs

    My dog has always been downstairs as we've trained her to stay downstairs (I have allergies!) She's started going upstairs for some reason, constantly. What could have caused this change in behaviour and how do I train her to stay downstairs? Also what shall I do when I find her upstairs?
  12. Rachaelregan

    Cookies new life

    Hi there, Cookie is 2, 3 in December and has had a horrid start in life, her owner Is a friend of my friend (**** knows why) cookie has lived in a kitchen without a bed or toys and barred from the front room. She is small for a Frenchie, has a heir lip and a deformity on her nose, she has a...
  13. E

    Please help. Naughty puppy

    Hi, I have a 15 week old cockerpoo, she’s started jumping up on to the sofa we’re we’re sitting an biting us. He goes through burst that last about 5 mins we’re she just literally torments us. As she still has her puppy teeth there all really sharp. When we’re walking around she’ll jump up and...
  14. Y

    Getting A Toy Poodle Puppy

    Hi, I'm very new to all of this. My husband has had dogs all his life and we have finally been given the opportunity to have one. My mother in law has two toy poodles and they are now pregnant! She has offered to give us one to welcome into our little family. We are so excited. We have a 5...
  15. I

    Barking in the car

    Hello all, I have 2 Bearded Collies, 7 and 5 years old. They are taken to the park every morning in the car. When they know they are being taken out they continuously bark repetitively until they leave the house, and when they get in the car they continue to bark right up until they get to the...
  16. L


    Hey guys just looking for advice really. I lost my baby (beagle 9 years old) 4 years ago and looking at getting another puppy and I don’t know where to start as I have heard so much bad stuff and it’s soooo long since Declan (my beagle) and he was from a litter of my auntie so I wouldn’t know...
  17. A

    4 Month old Puppy housetraining HELP!

    My family and I have recently got an almost 4 month old Shih Tzu. When we collected him he was housetrained with a cat flap and we do not have one of these. We keep him in the non carpeted area of the house and he sleeps in a pen. He doesn't know how to tell us he needs to go out so we try to...
  18. L

    Old rescue dog help please

    Hi, I recently (six days ago) rescued a 12-year-old cocker spaniel from a family who were moving back to Australia and were going to put him down. I have dealt with rescue dogs before, lived with them but this particular dog is showing signs that are concerning me, I would just like to know what...
  19. D

    Incontinence and paralysis

    Hi all, On Sunday (19/1/20) my little Doxie x JRT came running to me in pain. Withing ten minutes of coming to me limping she had suffered complete paralysis of her back legs. We immediately took her to the out if hours vet who kept her overnight. She had some deep pain feeling. She was then...
  20. Alanward87

    Dog harness

    Ok so currently we use the three peaks dog harness, however have noticed that he is getting reddening of the skin over his chest where it sits. I have been looking at and like the look of the ruffwear harness despite its price. Does anyone have experience with this harness or can they...