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so I posted last week worried about my dogs health. He had a mini stroke and now on tablets for this.

before he had this mini stroke he was being treated for incontinence. (He is 13)

my question is how do you deal with the constant peeing in the house?

His medication hasn’t helped, the vet said it may not, as it doesn’t work aswell in dogs as it does in bitches.

do puppy pads work? …
Is there anything else I can try?

he’s had a pee test and it came back normal, but has a blood test this Friday to double check everything else.

I’m worried it could be his kidneys as his appetite has decreased and lost a little bit of weight. But I thought problems with kidneys would show up in a pee sample test.

thanks in advance for any advice.
It's tough when they get older. Is it worth asking your vet if there are other medications you could try?
It's tough when they get older. Is it worth asking your vet if there are other medications you could try?

The vet did say not a lot of medication works for male dogs, works wonders for the female but not so much males.

I will ask him on Friday if there is anything else we could possibly try. Not holding much hope though going of what he said.

It may be easier once we have his blood results back to see if there is any underlying problems.

My hopes are pretty high as his wee sample was clear.

thanks for your reply. :)
A urine test usually picks up infection not disease ...a blood test will show what stage if any your dog is in ...our vets did the blood test in house ....
Have you thought about dog diapers ....
You may wish to consider "Belly Bands" for your dogs. Not necessarily the products offered in the link, but something similar, available on Amazon etc or pet shops

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