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  1. R

    Another dog indoor wee problem.

    My wife and I have a Young Collie but have just inherited a 10yr old Jack Russel from my late parents. He wasnt brilliantly house trained or castrated when we had him, as he lived on a farm and was the only dog. Since being with us, 6 months, we have got his house training much better and had...
  2. B

    New Puppy Help. Bizarre Toileting Issue

    Hi All. This is my first post on the forum, and im hoping someone can reassure me some what as i cant find anything on this. We picked up a gorgeous red working cocker spaniel puppy on the 16/12. She is healthy, happy, energetic little thing (10 weeks old) I know puppies pee alot, but we...
  3. Sami2703

    Border Collie Incontinence

    Hi, so I posted last week worried about my dogs health. He had a mini stroke and now on tablets for this. before he had this mini stroke he was being treated for incontinence. (He is 13) my question is how do you deal with the constant peeing in the house? His medication hasn’t helped, the...
  4. VictoriaSonny

    Weeing for Attention

    Hi Guys, Our 5 month old puppy hasn’t had accidents in the house for over 2 months now. We have an issue with attention barking (different story)! Anyway, when he barks for attention and bites our feet, we leave the room and shut the door until he’s calm. Then go back in and return to whatever...
  5. R

    Really need help

    Everythings fine now, thanks for advice
  6. Katie__

    Advice Please!

    hello ! just after some advice.. i have a 2 year old border collie, had him since he was 12 weeks. Recently only in the past week, he's started weeing in the house. He only ever did this when he was a new puppy as we were training him and maybe once or twice since but it's always been by the...