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  1. Sami2703

    Border Collie Incontinence

    Hi, so I posted last week worried about my dogs health. He had a mini stroke and now on tablets for this. before he had this mini stroke he was being treated for incontinence. (He is 13) my question is how do you deal with the constant peeing in the house? His medication hasn’t helped, the...
  2. S

    Please help! Bulldog with issues toileting

    Hi all we got our bull dog 2 weeks ago 8 months old and he appears to be incontinent with poo! it’s just falls out Vet started him on antibiotics and probiotic which worked slightly because previously it was wet and so smelly but now we are are a kinetic sand consistency. Still didn’t know...
  3. D

    Incontinence and paralysis

    Hi all, On Sunday (19/1/20) my little Doxie x JRT came running to me in pain. Withing ten minutes of coming to me limping she had suffered complete paralysis of her back legs. We immediately took her to the out if hours vet who kept her overnight. She had some deep pain feeling. She was then...