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  1. M

    HELP after buying a pet from

    Hi I need some help I brought a puppy from, I collected the puppy and I seen the mother, it was vet checked but never seen any documenation, The puppy is very poorly and the vet has told me going to cost me up to £600-£1000 for treatment, we have only had the puppy a month, I am...
  2. R

    Rescue pup with separation anxiety

    Hi! We rescued a German Shepherd cross breed puppy at 5 months old. We've had her two months now and she's wonderful apart from her separation anxiety. She always wants to be with us and if we have to leave her at all, even for a few minutes, she cries and barks hysterically. We have cameras and...
  3. C

    Possible worms in my puppy

    Hi there. can someone please advise if this some kind of worm eggs. mum dogs a wee 7 month old mongrel. Half chiweenie half jug. I noticed something red in his stool today and fished it out and it’s like a wee red grain of rice with rings on it like a typical egg and when I pressed it in...

    Girlfriends doggo

    This is one of the most beautiful breed I have ever seen! This is Rhodesian Ridgeback. On their back they have a line where hair is growing opposite way than other hair!

    Love to dogs

    From a young age until now, I never lost love for pets. They are in most cases better friends than humans. I really feel this connection with them and they really understands you. I hope I will learn some new stuffs in this forum, and to share my knowledge with you!
  6. Bonnie_Rosie

    Double trouble!

    Hi, thank you for letting me join the forum. We are first week into owning our new 10 week old golden retriever pups X 2!! We had two from the same litter before who were exceptional dogs so thought it would be a good idea as hubby has just retired to do the same again - what else can you do in...
  7. K


    Hi I have a male puppy Jack Russel/Yorkshire Terrier cross pups all ok except one. He’s fine playing running around and all that but once he has eaten he can’t walk properly ( he is really greedy ) his legs give way and he sways. It’s worrying me or am I being stupid he is 4 weeks old and we...
  8. M

    Puppy pitbull biting hard

    Hello i have pitbull pupy 8 weeks old and she is biting a lot in trying to correct it, i stip playing when she bites but she keep chasing me and biting my ankles and toes, i really wanna teach her not to bite me because if this continues she will start biting when she grow give me any advices im...
  9. C

    Hi I'm a frenchie mum and I'm looking for some advice

    Hi. I have a frenchie and I'm thinking of bredding her. She is 20 months old and has just come into season. My queries are is she old enough? Is she big enough (shes only small), and also when she was a baby around 11weeks old she had a pro lapse anus twice. It has never happened since but...
  10. L


    Hey guys just looking for advice really. I lost my baby (beagle 9 years old) 4 years ago and looking at getting another puppy and I don’t know where to start as I have heard so much bad stuff and it’s soooo long since Declan (my beagle) and he was from a litter of my auntie so I wouldn’t know...
  11. I

    Luna the whippet puppy

    Hi Everyone, I'm Ida and I'm a first time dog owner of Luna. She is absolutely adorable and has settled in really well. Looking forward to reading tips on puppies generally and on whippets in particular :-) Ida
  12. Turpentine

    What breed is this dog?

    My partner adopted this dog a few months ago, and we do not know what breed she is. We now it is a mix, but we're not sure of what. According to the person we got it from,the dad is a Wolfdog (doesn't know what kind) And the mother is a mix between husky and a black wolf (which I don't think is...
  13. G


    Hello all, just joined the forum. We are prospective minituare daschund owners and seeking as much info as possible. My wife and I have had a number of dogs, with our most recent being a rescue dog (mixed breed). She suffered terribly with separation anxiety and unfortunately she is not with us...