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Possible worms in my puppy


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Hi there.

can someone please advise if this some kind of worm eggs.

mum dogs a wee 7 month old mongrel. Half chiweenie half jug.

I noticed something red in his stool today and fished it out and it’s like a wee red grain of rice with rings on it like a typical egg and when I pressed it in between my fingers puss came out.

I can't comment on what it was that you saw, but all puppies are born with worms and need regular and frequent treatment with veterinary-approved wormers until they are six months old, and less frequently but still necessary thereafter, so if this hasn't been done then yes your pup will have worms and you need to contact a vet for an appropriate treatment and schedule. It's no big deal but needs to be done.
If you have not treated the dog then it is likely to have worms...these give details of potential worms dogs get Dog Deworming phone your vet if you want more information and what wormers you need to give

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