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puppy advice

  1. T

    Rescued a 6.5 week old puppy - tips and help needed!

    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice and any tips you have as experience dog owners. Me and my partner have rescued a puppy from a farm where she was the runt of the litter and the farmer has suggested she would ‘have to be put down if no one took her’ because she was ‘lazy and not a good...
  2. J

    Sleeping Arrangement Advice For Puppy

    Hi everyone my first post on here. my beautiful 4 month old bulldog is settled really well and bonded with us. she already knows tricks and is learning toilet arrangements very fast! I’ve been trying to train her to sleep in the living room in her crate. She sleeps in there no problem when we...
  3. R

    Rescue pup with separation anxiety

    Hi! We rescued a German Shepherd cross breed puppy at 5 months old. We've had her two months now and she's wonderful apart from her separation anxiety. She always wants to be with us and if we have to leave her at all, even for a few minutes, she cries and barks hysterically. We have cameras and...
  4. D

    New Cocker Spaniel Puppy Advice

    Morning all, Myself and my partner got a Cocker Spaniel puppy on May 15th and he is now 9.5 weeks old. We just want to make sure we are doing the right thing when it comes to crate training and ensuring the dog doesn't have any separation anxiety when growing up. We feel we are doing...
  5. S

    Nursing bitch cannot settle

    i have a bitch with 4 week old puppies. Puppies are all healthy and doing great it is the bitch who can no longer settle on a night since becoming a mum. Previous to giving birth she is crate trained and she can only settle when locked in her crate at night.. now with pups she needs to be able...
  6. M

    Spots on Puppy's belly

    Hello, I recently picked up a lab/German shepherd. In the last week she's developed these spots. Unfortunately it's a Sunday now and the vets aren't open so hoping to post here and get some ease of mind until tomorrow (will be going to vets). She's waiting for her second vaccine (11weeks old)...
  7. B

    Finally allowed to get a dog!

    Hello all, New member to the community as, after a huge amount of persuasion, my wife as finally agreed we can get a dog! While we are all hugely excited about having a dog, my wife has given some conditions (me and the kids had to sign a contract ) and I was hoping to get some advice on...
  8. S

    Hi everyone, help with puppy barking

    Hi I have a 9 month puppy chihuahua shitzu cross. I have had some puppy lessons to help with her barking these really helped and I saw real improvement but has started to slide backwards over the last month. She barks whenever someone is at the door and has started barking at home if there is...
  9. H

    Puppy not drinking water

    Hello! Our beautiful whippet puppy who is 12 and a half weeks old doesn’t seem to be interested in drinking any water. I always put a bowl of fresh water down every day and leave it until we put him to bed at night (I only take it away when he is in his crate at nighttime so he doesn’t...
  10. C

    Possible worms in my puppy

    Hi there. can someone please advise if this some kind of worm eggs. mum dogs a wee 7 month old mongrel. Half chiweenie half jug. I noticed something red in his stool today and fished it out and it’s like a wee red grain of rice with rings on it like a typical egg and when I pressed it in...
  11. N

    Puppy Advice

    Hi I’m Nikki and have an 8 week cocker spaniel
  12. Minder

    Puppy barking at night

    Hi there We have just welcomed a cocker spaniel puppy to our home that we have fallen in love with. During the day she is great, fun and affectionate if a little mischievous (which is to be expected!). The one thing we are struggling with is night times. She sleeps in a crate which she does...
  13. SukiB5667

    Puppy not eating his food

    My 4month cavachon has had a very healthy appetite and never needed any encouragement to be fed as he’d rush and sit waiting or hover whilst I’m putting his food out. However past few days he’s not been that interested and wonder if this is normal that as they get bigger and older ?? It’s mainly...
  14. S

    Cavapoo puppy advice needed!

    Hi, we reserved a puppy when it was 1 week old after putting a 12.5% deposit. We were sent a health check of the toy poodle stud (clear of degenerative myelopathy) and a KC registration for the mother Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The mother is also supposedly health tested although we haven’t...
  15. E

    Looking for some advice on biting!

    Hi all, My family and I have recently rehomed a lovely 14 week old border collie puppy. She's settled in brilliant but has a biting issue. She seems to only bite on individual in the family (oldest son) whether it be hands or clothing and ankles when he moves etc. So.e of the bites are breaking...
  16. S

    Dogs Tummy

    Hi all! I wonder if anyone would be able to help, or advise. I have a 5 and 1/2 month old Boston Terrier puppy. He picked up a bug 2 weeks ago which made him really sick, runny poo, lethergic, not eating and very active intestines etc. We took him to the vets and he had a weeks course of...
  17. N

    Puppy aggression?

    Hi everyone, Our 9 week puppy has started to nip and growl at our feet and latch on and won’t let go. We have tried ouch and wiggling toys to trade, and tried to not over stimulate her when she is latched on. Tried to ignore her and sit on the couch to which she will jump on the couch and will...
  18. T

    Pomchi puppy aggressive behaviour.

    Hi, We have recently brought a Pomchi puppy and we have named him Pablo. We love Pablo very much & he’s 11 weeks young and he’s been with us since last Thursday (6 days). We researched for months about the breed and we were happy to find ourselves in a position to be owners of Pablo last week...
  19. VictoriaSonny

    Barking off leash

    Hi. I’ve posted before about this and took into consideration what was said to try and help. I’ve avoided those open spaces as advised and Sonny loves putting his harness and lead on. We have done training on a 30 metre leash and ten metre for recall training, and he’s getting really good. Then...
  20. S

    Puppy with Sensitive Tummy

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone might be able to help or advise on the following! I’m really struggling to find a food that agrees with my 15 week old Boston Terrier puppy. When he came to us he was bleeding from his Anus, we took him straight to the vet and they advised Chicken & rice which...