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Spots on Puppy's belly


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Hello, I recently picked up a lab/German shepherd. In the last week she's developed these spots. Unfortunately it's a Sunday now and the vets aren't open so hoping to post here and get some ease of mind until tomorrow (will be going to vets). She's waiting for her second vaccine (11weeks old) and only goes out to a closed off garden. I panicked and thought she had ticks or something but upon further research I don't think its that. Maybe folliculitis? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!


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It might even be a reaction to something like the detergent you have used.
It could be where grass in your garden has brushed against her belly. It does look very mild, though, so I don't think you need to worry - chances are your vet will just suggest you keep an eye on it. Do still go though - diagnosis from photos isn't possible, and none of us here are vets.

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