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skin problems

  1. M

    Spots on Puppy's belly

    Hello, I recently picked up a lab/German shepherd. In the last week she's developed these spots. Unfortunately it's a Sunday now and the vets aren't open so hoping to post here and get some ease of mind until tomorrow (will be going to vets). She's waiting for her second vaccine (11weeks old)...
  2. Fredbur

    Tails dog food

    Hi, I'm new here, I have an ?American bully? She's a rescue, and we think this is what she is. I'm having some issues, she came from a poor diet before we got her, since tailoring her food and understanding her preferences we decided to give Tails a go as we have heard nothing but good things...
  3. houseof_fraser


    Hey everyone, I'm Hatti, 29 from Dorset UK and owner of 7 year old black lab Fraser, 4 year old Merle Collie Yuffie, 2 year old Collie Mix Eli and, if anyone's interested, 9 month old Theo the French Lop (who thinks he's a dog) & 2 year old Lumi the Pygmy Hedgehog. I've been wanting to join a...