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We rescued a German Shepherd cross breed puppy at 5 months old. We've had her two months now and she's wonderful apart from her separation anxiety. She always wants to be with us and if we have to leave her at all, even for a few minutes, she cries and barks hysterically. We have cameras and see that she pads the floor while suckling a toy. It is clear that she is very distressed. We crate her as she gets very distrucive at this stage. The odd thing is that she's totally used to her crate at night now. She will go straight in at bedtime and sleep through until the morning.

We want to be able to pop to the shops or out for dinner without feeling like we're torturing her.

Does anyone have any advice for lessening a rescue pup's anxiety when left alone. We've tried TV, radio, talking to her through the camera, leaving her with her favourite toys, feeding before we go out, leaving her with Kong type toys and lick mats but nothing helps her. Any advice would be amazing!
The Separation Anxiety guru I always recommend is Emma Judson. She has lots of information on her Canine Consultant site plus has co-written an excellent book. She gives private consultations too.
Emma also does online, remote consultations which makes the cost very affordable.

There might be something helpful here too -

Separation anxiety

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