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  1. Shalista

    Having children with a guardy anxious dog

    Hey all, little bit of a background about me. (Some of you may remember me from the postivily board. i was a regular poster there years ago. good to see JudyN still kicking around!) I have a 10-year-old rat terrier named Bax that came from a puppy mill. he's overcome so many obstacles and I'm...
  2. B

    Please help with separation anxiety

    Hi everyone, we picked up our puppy last Wednesday so we’ve had him for under a week. We knew leaving him (not for long or even us leaving the house of course) would be challenging but we aren’t seeing any change with the wee guy. We can’t even leave his sight without him howling and even if...
  3. R

    Rescue pup with separation anxiety

    Hi! We rescued a German Shepherd cross breed puppy at 5 months old. We've had her two months now and she's wonderful apart from her separation anxiety. She always wants to be with us and if we have to leave her at all, even for a few minutes, she cries and barks hysterically. We have cameras and...
  4. Baloonloki

    All of a sudden destructive behaviour

    Hi any help please I own a press canario and until this week he's been fine.u believe he's suffering from separation anxiety .me and the wife have started new jobs with difficult and long hours.we also lost a dog . further more we are in the middle of a big house renovation.and I think all this...
  5. S

    13 wk old puppy follows me everywhere

    My 13wk old miniature poodle is attached to me so much so that he follows me everywhere and whines if I leave the room... I can't even go to the toilet! He gets very anxious when I leave the house, but isn't like it with my partner or son. I don't make a fuss of him when I leave and when I come...
  6. L

    Anxiety, focus and biting furniture

    I've followed the advice re biting us and its worked really well, thanks. I was wondering about a couple of other things currently so advice would be welcome: 1. Poppy is 80% of the time like my shadow (unless really interested in a chew toy or if someone else is with her). If I leave her...
  7. S

    Television News Request

    Hello all, I'm a TV journalist working for Feature Story News - a news agency - and we're doing a story on dogs whose owners are now heading back to work. We're looking to speak to an owner in London who's worried about their dog adjusting to the old routine (or a brand new routine if the dog...
  8. E

    Cant sleep, feeling guilty

    Hello, I'm led in bed as I write this because I feel sick with anxiety and cant sleep. I feel over come with guilt and sheer dread. I've recently been through a difficult relationship break up which has left me looking after my 4 year old and two dogs on my own whilst working full time. Things...
  9. Pip-n-Stan

    Anxiety Medication?

    TL;DR - Pippin barking excessively I think it's an issue with insecurity Tried training and been successful so far but VERY slow progress Ignoring NOT an option - riles up Stanley, our other young + impressionable dog Insecurity hindering her progress with socialisation and getting on with...
  10. Zualsam

    In desperate need of help, leaving home alone

    Where to begin? I have an 8 month old puppy/dog, a cross between a fox terrier and a bedlington patterdale, and she absolutely hates being left alone. She originally belonged to my aunt and uncle who had both her and her sister. However, the two sisters did not get along very well and started to...
  11. Rachel2832

    Dog has started whining when alone again

    My Labrador is almost 2. I’ve used a crate as she chews things when left alone for longer than an hour. She didn’t like it when she a pup, then I stopped using it as she was ok alone, then I moved house and she chewed lots when alone, so I got a big crate and she took to it really well, went in...
  12. T

    Difficulties training my scared and anxious dog who has been with us for more than a year.

    Hi, First a little background: —Occupants of the house: Myself (20 years old), my father, Abbey (younger sister, 18 years old) and JJ, our cat. —Onyx and Abbey From the start, we wanted to adopt a dog for Abbey, as she always wanted one and was also slightly depressed so we figured that...
  13. G

    Greyhound potty training

    Hi! Last week, my girlfriend and I recently adopted a 2.5 month old greyhound called Lilo (pronounced leelu as we are in Spain), from a rescue centre. He is a lovely but very anxious dog, very scared of being alone or in confined spaces. He was found abandoned 2 weeks ago. He wants to be with...