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crate training

  1. J

    Sleeping Arrangement Advice For Puppy

    Hi everyone my first post on here. my beautiful 4 month old bulldog is settled really well and bonded with us. she already knows tricks and is learning toilet arrangements very fast! I’ve been trying to train her to sleep in the living room in her crate. She sleeps in there no problem when we...
  2. R

    Rescue pup with separation anxiety

    Hi! We rescued a German Shepherd cross breed puppy at 5 months old. We've had her two months now and she's wonderful apart from her separation anxiety. She always wants to be with us and if we have to leave her at all, even for a few minutes, she cries and barks hysterically. We have cameras and...
  3. S

    Nursing bitch cannot settle

    i have a bitch with 4 week old puppies. Puppies are all healthy and doing great it is the bitch who can no longer settle on a night since becoming a mum. Previous to giving birth she is crate trained and she can only settle when locked in her crate at night.. now with pups she needs to be able...
  4. triage999

    New Frenchie owner, long time dog mum

    Hi all, After losing my 11 year old Minpin x Chi unexpectedly though illness, leaving his yorkie buddy and I bereft I have entered into the realms of Frenchie ownership. I chose the Frenchie as he has similar attributes to my boy I lost, just slightly chunkier and squishy nosed. It’s day...
  5. Minder

    Puppy barking at night

    Hi there We have just welcomed a cocker spaniel puppy to our home that we have fallen in love with. During the day she is great, fun and affectionate if a little mischievous (which is to be expected!). The one thing we are struggling with is night times. She sleeps in a crate which she does...
  6. I

    Puppy off day?

    Hey, So are 12 week old cockapoo has been doing really well with his day time crating and training. He was able to stay on his own in his crate for 30/45 minutes (it takes him about 3-4 minutes to calm himself down).. However, today he has been really barking and whining when I have put him in...
  7. E

    Crate Training For Bed Time - Puppy

    Hi guys Please can anyone help at all or give some advice on the best way to get our puppy used to sleeping on his own at night. We have a miniature dachshund who is just over 8 weeks, he came from a litter of 3 and has always been with either the litter or the mother. He is really not taking a...
  8. D

    Crate help please

    Hi, I am new here so apologies if I am posting to the wrong place etc :) I am getting my Labrador puppy soon, and trying to get everything sorted for him. I picked up the Pets at Home Double Door Crate Medium for him, but it's slightly too big and was hoping to easily pick up a divider rather...
  9. S

    First time owner of 11 week old Shih Poo puppy - needing some advice!

    So me and my partner are first time dog owners and picked up our perfect little Shih Poo (Shitzu X Poodle) puppy Mila 2 weeks ago. We picked her up at 9 weeks and she is now 11 weeks. In the 2 weeks we've had her she has been an absolute angel and she's coming into her little personality a lot...