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  1. TrunksTheCanaan

    New Dog Lover

    Hello All I have only just come across this thread and wanted to introduce myself. I am a complete dog lover with a particular interest in the more independent and natural breeds. I have been the proud carer of a Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Hungarian Kuvasz, Beauceron, Anatolian Shepherd...
  2. D

    Hi all! Aspiring app developer for dogs!

    Hi! I'm new to the dogforum world, I am just trying to let everyone know about this app which I have just developed. It's my first one! It calculates the age of your dog in human years! I used to think it was just a simple case of multiplying by 7 but once I began to look into it I realised...
  3. E

    Looking for an Italian Greyhound pup

    Hey everyone! I am looking to buy a Italian Greyhound Puppy, but I am not sure where to find one or find a reputable breeder. I live in Surrey but don’t mind travelling. Can anyone help me or no any reputable breeders? Thanks in advance, Emily
  4. A

    Someone help me out - which puppy breed!?

    I’m currently through with persuading my parents to let me get a puppy. I’ve done a LOT of research, and for all of you to know, we typically need these qualities in a dog: Protective (watchdog and guarding instincts) Loyal Trainable and smart Affectionate and good with family Low exercise...
  5. Thomas Cunliffe

    What breed?

    Good morning Dog Forum members! I recently went on a trip to sunny Egypt and encountered a lovely fluffy puppy. It was really delightful and well-behaved. Unfortunately, the owner couldn't tell me what breed it was (perhaps due to the language barrier) and even after consulting some friends...
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's breed

    Obviously my family and I are against breeding and prefer adoption, however I was curious about Rocco's background and we finally found out what type of dog he is. He is an Indian Pariah dog. The local groomers told us the name "pye" and I Googled "pye dog" and it came up with "Indian Pariah...
  7. S

    What breed is this?

    I just saw this dog running around on tv the other day and got curious about the breed. Does anybody know? :)
  8. Buddola

    UK Dog Breed Survey!

    To all UK dog owners! I need as many responses for my survey as possible so I'd like to invite you all to take part. The study forms part of my research at the Royal Veterinary College and is about factors influencing the breeds of dog we choose and where we get them from. It takes less than 5...
  9. O

    Does anyone know what breeds my dog may be

    She's 6 months old we where told she's a Yorkshire terrier cross shih tzu but she's got very long legs, curly fur, long nose her body's long too and she's 11 inches tall at her shoulders shes got yorkie colouring and the pictures of her with black fur are from when she was younger she's Gray tan...
  10. DanUndergrad

    Breed Obesity Management

    Calling all dog parents! Do you have a dog? Do you know its breed? if so, I need you! I am currently studying a BSc Applied Animal Studies and need urgent help. I am doing an undergraduate study in partnership with Dodson & Horrell and am looking at 'The Application of Breed Specific Body...