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  1. Glu_56

    Phantom pregnancy = out of control dog!

    Hi all New here and finding my way around. Hoping someone can help! Our 18 month lab x pointer is experiencing a phantom pregnancy after what we believe was her first season back in October 22 (she is a rescue so we can’t be 100% sure but given her age and size that seems likely). She has been...
  2. S

    Cavapoo mum

    Hi there, I'm Suzie, mum to Kenny, our 6 month old Cavapoo. He's generally great but, given he's our 'lockdown puppy', he does suffer from separation anxiety from me given I've been with him the most in our family, and is a bit naughty, climbing on furniture he shouldn't, chewing our coffee...
  3. A

    The biggest everyday problems for dogs?

    Write down what problems with the dog do you face on a daily basis? Chewing shoes, barking at night, etc.
  4. R

    Digging Up Garden and Eating Dirt

    Help! Our 9-week old retriever girl is continually digging up the garden and eating the dirt. We tried to discourage it around the garden edges but now shes just digging at random pieces of grass. It seems to be upsetting her tummy and we can't make her stop. Any advice? We've tried...
  5. L

    Urgent help

    My dog is 7 months old and its getting to the point where my house mate is saying we have to get rid of her. If she is left alone for even 1 minute you return to the room and everything is site is chewed up, including the walls, skirting boards, absolutely anything in sight. She has a 40 minute...
  6. R

    Really need help

    Everythings fine now, thanks for advice
  7. Katie__

    Advice Please!

    hello ! just after some advice.. i have a 2 year old border collie, had him since he was 12 weeks. Recently only in the past week, he's started weeing in the house. He only ever did this when he was a new puppy as we were training him and maybe once or twice since but it's always been by the...