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cute dog

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Roco watching TV

  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Roco's cuteness

    Here are some adorable photos of the new addition to the family. Roco is from Romania, he found outside in a box and had to fight for his food, veterinary services rescued him and a charity fund brought him over to the UK. After losing Lady, we thought we'd never adopt another rescue dog but...
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Remembering Lady

    A lot of the members on this forum loved my photos of my family dog Lady so I wanted to create a special thread to remember her by. I'm going to add more in the comments as the site is limiting me on adding more files
  4. Katiedesigns

    Beautiful Doggy Designs

    Hello, here are my two lively doggies Ren and Maisie. I am a graphic designer and these two are definitely a source of inspiration. I create animal themed designs sample attached. I would love to hear dog lovers opinions of my new designs. Looking forward to meeting you xx
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    I don't know how the competition works but here's a cute picture of Lady

    I heard there's a new competition, I got confused with the other one but I was too late anyway. Here's a picture of Lady trying to be appealing so she can get more food lol
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    I was told there's a photo competition

    Here's two adorable photos, she's such a diva.
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    A video of me petting Lady

    As the description says in the video, she loves me talking to her like a baby and she enjoys foot massages. She is one diva dog!
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Me sharing a treat with Lady

  9. justinsmith

    dog lover ??

    how to be a real dog lover ??