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cute sleeping dogs

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Latest Rocco pictures

    Here are some more adorably cute pictures of Rocco, he's still loving the Yorkshire life :D He's been so cheeky trying to stop eating his food and begging for treats and he's been throwing tantrums every time my mum or dad is not home :rolleyes:
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling me

    This dog is just a big softie, he loves attention. I think he enjoys cuddling me because I always give him ear massages and treats, haha! :p When my family and I adopted him, he was so nervous and didn't really want any cuddles or kisses because of him being a rescue but now he just cannot get...
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco and I cuddling on the sofa

    Yes it's me JRT_ftw, I changed my username. Anyway, here is a cute picture of me and Rocco together.
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco steals mum's seat

    Apparently the files are too large so here are some links to the pictures DSC-0944 DSC-0942 DSC-0941 DSC-0945 Edit: If any admins or mods could resize the images and insert them into this thread, I'd really appreciate it as I'm online via mobile and don't know how to.
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    Friday with Rocco

  7. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's Diary

    If there are any moderators on here, please feel free to merge my last posts on Rocco into this one. I finally realise what the "Dog Diary" is for now. Anyway, this entry is called "My Day With Rocco". My Day With Rocco. After picking up my medication and handing in my prescription into the...
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute

    Here's two pictures of Rocco cuddling up with his Daddy
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Crazy photo of Rocco demanding to petted

    I kept moving my arm away so Rocco decided to keep my captive, lol! He was leaning his head against my hand and was holding my arm down so the only thing I could rub his chin with was my thumb, haha! He's so cheeky! Here's a picture of him on Christmas sulking because my stepfather went...
  10. A

    My beautiful Asia

    This is mybeautiful Akita Asia, she is now 13 years and is a little poorly, but a very happy girl.