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If there are any moderators on here, please feel free to merge my last posts on Rocco into this one. I finally realise what the "Dog Diary" is for now.

Anyway, this entry is called "My Day With Rocco".

My Day With Rocco. After picking up my medication and handing in my prescription into the chemist/pharmacy, I decided to head over to my parents' house for lunch and Rocco went absolutely crazy over me, he was rubbing his body against my legs and then he leaned on me as if he was cuddling against me then when I was trying to write out a anniversary card for my aunt and uncle, he kept trying to poke his head through my arms and demanded attention. My mother and I took him for a walk and whilst my mother was in the post office, Rocco was crying for her so I walked him over to a bench and sat down and he playfully rest his head in my lap demanding to be petted so I gave him a few kisses and cuddles and then as soon as I told him Mummy was out of the post office, he ran up to her and gave her one of his leg cuddles (he wraps his paws around her leg and rests his head on her knee) and an elderly woman walked by smiling saying "Awww" and then as soon as we got back home, he wouldn't leave me alone, he followed me everywhere and he decided to pinch my mother's spot on the sofa so he could snuggle beside me, he kept tapping my arm with his paw letting me know not to stop petting him and eventually he just fell asleep beside me on my left leg.

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