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dog life

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Adopting: Which dog would be best for me?

    My wife is American and even though she has visited me a few times, she wants to go move to America and live with her at her house. We want to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter, however I have asthma. I was OK with Lady and I am fine with Rocco because my parents use a special pet shampoo that...
  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Latest Rocco pictures

    Here are some more adorably cute pictures of Rocco, he's still loving the Yorkshire life :D He's been so cheeky trying to stop eating his food and begging for treats and he's been throwing tantrums every time my mum or dad is not home :rolleyes:
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Do rottweilers really growl sometimes when happy?

    A friend of mine had a rottie and I remembered she loved affection and once when I was petting her whilst she was eating her food, she was growling so I stopped because I thought I was getting on her nerves or that she was going to bite me but then recently I saw a few YouTube videos of people...
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Apologies for my inactivity and happy belated Christmas/New Year

    Hi everyone, As you may know, I have been a part of this website since late 2017 and shared my life journey living with dogs. I have been very inactive for a while but I do love this website very much and wish to stay a part of it as much as I can. The last time I was here, I was struggling...
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    New pictures of Rocco

    Here are some cute photos I took of Rocco from my visit to my parents house last week on the 4th... He was so happy to see me :D He demanded so much attention from me and step father :p I originally uploaded these onto Snapchat but thought I'd share them with you all too :cool:
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling up with my stepfather

  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling me

    This dog is just a big softie, he loves attention. I think he enjoys cuddling me because I always give him ear massages and treats, haha! :p When my family and I adopted him, he was so nervous and didn't really want any cuddles or kisses because of him being a rescue but now he just cannot get...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Rocco smiling

  10. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's progress

    So, as you all know, after our lovely, beautiful JRT Lady passed away, we adopted Rocco the Indian Pariah (Pye). He's so sweet, we adopted him in May 2019 and he has been in my family ever since. He's gotten comfortable and is really happy here. He still gets very nervous around men and does not...
  11. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's YouTube channel

    Here is two videos of Rocco And here is a link to his YouTube channel
  12. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco and I cuddling on the sofa

    Yes it's me JRT_ftw, I changed my username. Anyway, here is a cute picture of me and Rocco together.
  13. Crazy Dog Man

    Things you have learned from your dog?

    A lot of people have said how much their furr baby has changed their life and what a big impact they've been to them. What are the things you have learned from your dog? How has your dog changed your life? Please share your experience. Lady made me more open to other animals as I used to be...
  14. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco steals mum's seat

    Apparently the files are too large so here are some links to the pictures DSC-0944 DSC-0942 DSC-0941 DSC-0945 Edit: If any admins or mods could resize the images and insert them into this thread, I'd really appreciate it as I'm online via mobile and don't know how to.
  15. Crazy Dog Man

    Adopting a dog of my own

    When Lady was around, my home was her second home, the same thing goes for Rocco. During this lockdown, it gets really lonely, it was like that as well before the lockdown situation and I am always alone nearly all the time. I've been thinking about adopting a dog of my own because I know now...
  16. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's Diary

    If there are any moderators on here, please feel free to merge my last posts on Rocco into this one. I finally realise what the "Dog Diary" is for now. Anyway, this entry is called "My Day With Rocco". My Day With Rocco. After picking up my medication and handing in my prescription into the...
  17. Crazy Dog Man

    Does your dog(s) nudge you each time you're busy doing something?

    Each time I'm on the phone or busy writing something, Rocco has a habit of trying to get underneath my arm and demanding attention. Lady used to do this as well. Do your dog(s) do this as well?
  18. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  19. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's breed

    Obviously my family and I are against breeding and prefer adoption, however I was curious about Rocco's background and we finally found out what type of dog he is. He is an Indian Pariah dog. The local groomers told us the name "pye" and I Googled "pye dog" and it came up with "Indian Pariah...
  20. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute

    Here's two pictures of Rocco cuddling up with his Daddy