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dog life

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Crazy photo of Rocco demanding to petted

    I kept moving my arm away so Rocco decided to keep my captive, lol! He was leaning his head against my hand and was holding my arm down so the only thing I could rub his chin with was my thumb, haha! He's so cheeky! Here's a picture of him on Christmas sulking because my stepfather went...
  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Roco watching TV

  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Roco's cuteness

    Here are some adorable photos of the new addition to the family. Roco is from Romania, he found outside in a box and had to fight for his food, veterinary services rescued him and a charity fund brought him over to the UK. After losing Lady, we thought we'd never adopt another rescue dog but...
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Remembering Lady

    A lot of the members on this forum loved my photos of my family dog Lady so I wanted to create a special thread to remember her by. I'm going to add more in the comments as the site is limiting me on adding more files
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady update

    As mentioned in my recent thread, Lady is no longer with us and so her Facebook profile is scheduled to be removed, but her fan page will still be up and running. She had a very happy life with my parents, she gave me unconditional love when I needed it, I wish I could have had a final moment...
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    A Dog's Purpose Sequel: Will we dog lovers like it?

    The other night I saw an ad on TV for "A Dog's Journey", the sequel to "A Dog's Purpose". 3 years ago I watched the first film and found it heartwarming, Bailey & Ethan's friendship reminded me of my special bond with Lady as well as her own bad habits, but then there were rumours online...
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady is not doing too good

    This is really not how I imagined my first post in a long time. It's been so long since I was an active member of this community and I was just thinking about this site the other day, now here I am breaking some sad news about my family pet. Lady wasn't really my dog, she was adopted by my...
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady Carter to have her very own YouTube series

    As you know, Lady has her own fan club on Facebook, now she's going to have her very own YouTube series. Her YouTube channel will soon be up and running featuring funny videos, her having fun on her favourite field and her going for walks. There'll also be videos of her trying to trying to...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady exhausted from the hot sunshine

    It's been a while since I last posted on here. I finally patched things with my mother and got to see Lady the JRT whilst visiting my parents. My mother and I took Lady for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine but it was a very hot day so passed on on the couch. Here's some of the...
  10. Crazy Dog Man

    Does your dog love music or being sung to?

    I think I mentioned it before in my introduction or first thread that Lady enjoys Tom Jones, especially his song "She's a Lady", mostly because she thinks the song is about her lol She seems to really love it when anyone sings "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window", she'll interrupt by...
  11. Crazy Dog Man

    Which seasons/series of It's Me Or the Dog are aired in the UK?

    I thought I'd ask everyone here as most of the me members here love dogs. Also, my thread about Lady's eating habits was deleted? Edit: I found the thread about Lady's eating habits, lol
  12. justinsmith

    dog lover ??

    how to be a real dog lover ??