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dog behavior

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Do rottweilers really growl sometimes when happy?

    A friend of mine had a rottie and I remembered she loved affection and once when I was petting her whilst she was eating her food, she was growling so I stopped because I thought I was getting on her nerves or that she was going to bite me but then recently I saw a few YouTube videos of people...
  2. DogLover12345__

    What are some good dental sticks?

    Hi there, we recently got Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treat Dental Chews for our 4-month-old puppy and I was wondering if other dog owners have bought the product and can provide some feedback on it. Thank you
  3. DogLover12345__

    What is the first thing you should train your puppy?

    Hello, we just got a new puppy and it is a cockapoo. He is very sweet and loving and doesn't shed any hair, for my wife's sake! :D I just wanted to ask dog owners with more experience about the first thing we should train him. He is 4 months old. We tried looking for some online training guides...
  4. DogLover12345__

    New dog owner

    Hey, guys, me and my wife just bought a puppy and it is our first time. We want to teach him some commands so we looked for some good quality training guides online and ended up purchasing this guide here The seller also provided us with a free bonus after we signed up which is actually a funny...
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Crazy photo of Rocco demanding to petted

    I kept moving my arm away so Rocco decided to keep my captive, lol! He was leaning his head against my hand and was holding my arm down so the only thing I could rub his chin with was my thumb, haha! He's so cheeky! Here's a picture of him on Christmas sulking because my stepfather went...
  6. Street dog shelter

    SDS Essentials

    This is going to be Our main thread by which you are going to travel with us (The SDS) Get ready to express everything a local shelter facing in it's journey About SDS Founded in by Guru .has been rescuing Street Dogs and animals.We had saved more than 7000 Dogs from Indian streets and...
  7. megf.h

    Recent dog aggression - help!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old rescue cross-breed (our guess is Jack Russell / Staffy) and she's suddenly become aggressive towards other dogs in the past couple of weeks. She used to be friendly with all dogs, but now growls and snarls at dogs who are far away as soon as she sees them, and lunges at...
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady Carter to have her very own YouTube series

    As you know, Lady has her own fan club on Facebook, now she's going to have her very own YouTube series. Her YouTube channel will soon be up and running featuring funny videos, her having fun on her favourite field and her going for walks. There'll also be videos of her trying to trying to...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    I'm going to be adopting a rescue dog!

    I'm moving out of my cramped flat and finally getting away from my horrible neighbours. I was thinking of adopting a JRT but they can be quite a handful with their energy. I thought about a German Shepherd but my mother isn't too keen on me owning saying that they're aggressive but in my...
  10. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady exhausted from the hot sunshine

    It's been a while since I last posted on here. I finally patched things with my mother and got to see Lady the JRT whilst visiting my parents. My mother and I took Lady for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine but it was a very hot day so passed on on the couch. Here's some of the...
  11. B

    How can we help our dog? cat problem.

    Our dog is a rescue, she's very probably a Presa/Bullmastiff mix. Sorry for the length but this is a complected issue. The issue is the cat refuses to come inside, this problem been made worse by my husband's fear, and thus total separation of the dog and cat from day go, despite me using two...