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dog portrait

  1. Elizabeth de Broise

    Custom Hand Drawn Assistance Dog Portraits - with charity donation

    Hi everyone, I am a pet portrait artist from Leeds and I'm hoping to do more portraits of assistance dogs and raise some money for a working dog charity in the process. My pet portrait work has always been inspired by the desire to celebrate our pets, dogs in particular, and our special bond...
  2. WoofDoodle

    Selling Woof Doodle - Customised cartoons of your own best friend!

    Hello everyone We offer Hand-drawn, high-quality digital image of your own dog! - Cute, personalised and one of a kind cartoon image. - As many drafts as you like, until you have your perfect image. - The picture is 100% customizable, just let us know what you'd like and we will add it! A...
  3. Drawn & Drafted

    Introducing Drawn & Drafted Pet Portraits!

    My name is Frances and I am the artist behind Drawn & Drafted! I have always loved to draw and it seemed only natural to draw what I love the most - dogs! I offer hand-drawn, realistic pet portraits and also quirky illustrations if you are looking for something a little different. A portrait...