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Elizabeth de Broise

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Hi everyone,

I am a pet portrait artist from Leeds and I'm hoping to do more portraits of assistance dogs and raise some money for a working dog charity in the process.

My pet portrait work has always been inspired by the desire to celebrate our pets, dogs in particular, and our special bond with them. However, dogs play a major role in society far greater than just being pets and I want to show this more through my work. As any of you with assistance dogs will know, a dog is far more than a pet or companion (and I understand this well myself as a parent of a physically disabled child and a dog owner), and I would love to do more portraits of dogs who have a special story to tell and support a dog charity whilst doing so.

If you would like to order a portrait of an assistance dog, I will donate 10% of the sale price to Dogs for Good UK. If you own or work with an assistance dog, or have done in the past, a portrait is a great way to celebrate and remember that extra special pooch, or if you know someone who owns an assistance dog, a portrait would make a very personal gift. I would also ask for a short description of the pet and how they help you/their owner, that I can upload to my website and social media to help celebrate these wonderful dogs and tell their stories.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, just get in touch and I will send you more info on how to order! 70487110_2719862501410520_989585874024923136_n.jpg 44693881_2194693207260788_6345342141459333120_n.jpg 30743618_1934006049996173_1804911357049438208_n.jpg 37772615_2064520733611370_4365425697619968000_n.jpg 49542352_2299881933408581_5831291649128398848_n.jpg 46503737_2237860812944027_8888131813424234496_n.jpg 52557720_2368528473210593_3817149405476159488_n.jpg

Examples of my work below...

Thank you!


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