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french bulldog

  1. Luna

    Newbie FRENCHIE

    Follow my IG @lunamoonthefrenchie__ lets be fur-iends
  2. triage999

    New Frenchie owner, long time dog mum

    Hi all, After losing my 11 year old Minpin x Chi unexpectedly though illness, leaving his yorkie buddy and I bereft I have entered into the realms of Frenchie ownership. I chose the Frenchie as he has similar attributes to my boy I lost, just slightly chunkier and squishy nosed. It’s day...
  3. N

    French Bulldog survey

    Hallo everyone, I am working on a research paper for school. My name is Norah and I am in my second to last year before university. My paper is about the owners of French bulldogs, their dogs and their wellbeing. I would like to know more about your experience with these dogs as an owner, for...
  4. L

    New french bull dog owner needing help on supplements please

    Franklyn started scratching like mad 3 weeks ago, he’s a 4 month old french bull dog... I have no idea wat he has a allergy to.. been vets twice who were not really helpful.. ?? Skin infection ?? Ear mites?? Ear infection .. been on all antibiotics.. still continues to scratch.. so I started...
  5. T

    Need Help With Bleeding Paws / Possible Degenerative Myelopathy

    Hello all, My name is Tom and I have a little French bulldog Called Marlin. She means everything to me. She is just coming up to her 7th year ( in September) and we have started to notice what we think is the start of degenerative Myelopathy which is to be honest... heartbreaking. She has...