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french bulldogs

  1. Luna

    Newbie FRENCHIE

    Follow my IG @lunamoonthefrenchie__ lets be fur-iends
  2. triage999

    New Frenchie owner, long time dog mum

    Hi all, After losing my 11 year old Minpin x Chi unexpectedly though illness, leaving his yorkie buddy and I bereft I have entered into the realms of Frenchie ownership. I chose the Frenchie as he has similar attributes to my boy I lost, just slightly chunkier and squishy nosed. It’s day...
  3. Rachaelregan

    Cookies new life

    Hi there, Cookie is 2, 3 in December and has had a horrid start in life, her owner Is a friend of my friend (**** knows why) cookie has lived in a kitchen without a bed or toys and barred from the front room. She is small for a Frenchie, has a heir lip and a deformity on her nose, she has a...
  4. C

    Frenchie breeding

    Please can someone advise me? My girl is 20 months old and a small frenchie (never seen one smaller then her for her age) Shes suffered with a pro lapse anus as a baby. I'm looking for advise on whether it's safe to breed her. Please can someone help? I dont want to risk her being in danger if...
  5. C

    Hi I'm a frenchie mum and I'm looking for some advice

    Hi. I have a frenchie and I'm thinking of bredding her. She is 20 months old and has just come into season. My queries are is she old enough? Is she big enough (shes only small), and also when she was a baby around 11weeks old she had a pro lapse anus twice. It has never happened since but...
  6. Breed Lead

    A lead that looks like a dog

    Hello, I wanted to share our new lead with you fellow dog lovers. It is a retractable lead made to look similar to a dog's head. The first design looks like a French bulldog. If you think it is cool and you would like one, then please help us on Kickstarter: Breed Lead: A Retractable Dog Lead...
  7. Aurora Pets

    Yianni the Frenchie

    Out on walks in Epping Forest
  8. Violet Turner

    French Bulldog

    What is a French Bulldog? A French Bulldog was bred in England as a mini Bulldog, they accompanied English lace makers to France, where they acquired their Frenchie name. They are a companion dog, but can also be shown in competitions such as Cruft's under the Utility title. They are rare dog...