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French Bulldog

Discussion in 'Utility' started by Violet Turner, Mar 24, 2018.

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    What is a French Bulldog?
    A French Bulldog was bred in England as a mini Bulldog, they accompanied English lace makers to France, where they acquired their Frenchie name. They are a companion dog, but can also be shown in competitions such as Cruft's under the Utility title. They are rare dog breeds so if you would like a Frenchie then expect to wait for a while on a list.
    The breed traces back to British Bulldogs, which were used for dog fighting. However when this was outlawed in 1835. After this they were bred to be smaller as they became fashionable as companions. In 1902 the French Bulldog Club of America was formed in 1897 and in England 1902.
    Life expectancy of Frenchie's And Their Behaviour:
    9-10 years old. French Bulldogs are really affectionate, good with children and also good with other dogs. French Bulldogs have a keen sense of humour, they are sweet-natured dogs and have solid muscular frames, despite there mall height. They are so eager to please, very bright and devoted to there families and people they like.
    Health Problems:
    Frenchie's are prone to a lot of health conditions like:
    Deafness, Hip Dysplasia, Cherry eye, Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome, Stenotic Nares, Tracheal Stenosis, Heat Stress and lots more so just be wary when buying a puppy and make sure the parents have been health tested before mating.
    Bulldog French .jpg
    look at the shoes :)
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