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  1. O

    Long Hair or Short Hair German Shepard?

    Hi all, I’m thinking about a German Shepard joining our pack! I’m just in the research stage now - learning about hip scores, straight backs, and all the other specific German Shepard terms. Could anyone tell me if they think this is a short hair or long hair (been trimmed?). also if he...
  2. R

    Extreme Cat Prey Drive, German Shepherd

    I have a 3 year old male GSD, one of 4 dogs. He's lovely, what an amazing dog (I'd normally say). But as I'm writing this, pretty much fuming!! He escaped our property for the first time today when he saw our cat (lives separately, could say feral) and ran until he reached the border and got...
  3. Karen Eckersall


    Well 7 weeks have gone since we rescued our beautiful Rosie. She’s doing amazing, walks to heel / loose lead style. She’s so keen to learn she’s an absolute joy. Of all my previous GSD Rosie is by far & away the smartest so I’m planning some scent work for her when it finally stops raining ☔️
  4. Andy Rowe

    Otis, our 'teenage' GSD

    Here's a few pics of our Otis during the time he's been with us. Don't let the cuteness fool you ;)
  5. Andy Rowe

    Otis the GSD

    Hi everyone, We've had our 11 month old GSD, Otis, since he was 8 weeks old. He's always been a bit of a character and that's showing more now that he's in the midst of his 'teens'! I'm hoping to find lots of tips and advice on how to make his life the best it can be, and hopefully ours too...
  6. PatrickDan

    Introduction - GSD bad smell tail area.

    Hello, I have a rescue German Shepherd, Kayto, that's been with me 5.5 years, we believe her to be around 8-9 years. She's a lovely nature and we've been so lucky with her. In the past couple of months she has developed a bad smell round her tail area. It isn't the fishy smell associated with...