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home alone

  1. S

    First time owner of 11 week old Shih Poo puppy - needing some advice!

    So me and my partner are first time dog owners and picked up our perfect little Shih Poo (Shitzu X Poodle) puppy Mila 2 weeks ago. We picked her up at 9 weeks and she is now 11 weeks. In the 2 weeks we've had her she has been an absolute angel and she's coming into her little personality a lot...
  2. Zualsam

    In desperate need of help, leaving home alone

    Where to begin? I have an 8 month old puppy/dog, a cross between a fox terrier and a bedlington patterdale, and she absolutely hates being left alone. She originally belonged to my aunt and uncle who had both her and her sister. However, the two sisters did not get along very well and started to...
  3. sarahemlu


    Charlie is a 7 month old sproodle, he's the most wonderful dog...He's so loving and loyal, his recall off the lead is excellent and he loves to play and learn new tricks and when we are home is very well behaved. He isn't destructive at all when we are home, but when we're out he becomes more...