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  1. Twopoofsonepom

    Two poofs one Pom

    Hello my name is Pippa, I’m a 6 month old Pomeranian. looking to make news friends and learn more about the dog community x
  2. houseof_fraser

    Instagram Friends?

    Hey everyone, Hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday, we can’t wait for the weekend Just wondering if anyone has Instagram accounts for their pups? We love following genuine accounts and watching pups on all their adventures, so fed up of the ones who just want fake followers & never...
  3. houseof_fraser

    Our floofy family

    Yuffie 4 year old Merle Border Collie, Eli 2 year old Bearded Collie x GSD, Fraser 7 year old Black Labrador Theodore the 9 month French Lop bun and last but not least ... Iluminada the 2 year old Pygmy Hedgehog <3 If anyone has Instagram for their pet be sure to give us a nudge and we’ll...
  4. houseof_fraser


    Hey everyone, I'm Hatti, 29 from Dorset UK and owner of 7 year old black lab Fraser, 4 year old Merle Collie Yuffie, 2 year old Collie Mix Eli and, if anyone's interested, 9 month old Theo the French Lop (who thinks he's a dog) & 2 year old Lumi the Pygmy Hedgehog. I've been wanting to join a...
  5. L


    Find me on Instagram @Linxywun What's your Instagram?