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92FDEA67-BA06-43DC-9D46-DD4010B47D94.jpeg A1A31136-9B0D-43D8-B63F-EAD7A0CF4A97.jpeg 05867970-155A-4174-8912-54B955CEE930.jpeg E412DD1D-61CA-4D33-9513-0E39BB9AE592.jpeg BABC3F46-8E45-4681-98D4-A2B8CF38A94E.jpeg Yuffie 4 year old Merle Border Collie, Eli 2 year old Bearded Collie x GSD, Fraser 7 year old Black Labrador
Theodore the 9 month French Lop bun
and last but not least ... Iluminada the 2 year old Pygmy Hedgehog <3

If anyone has Instagram for their pet be sure to give us a nudge and we’ll come and follow your adventures :-D @houseof_fraser
What fantastic photos! I especially love those bunny ears:D

thank you, his helicopter ears are ridiculous, they are flopped more now though as he’s a bit older. He still puts one right up, from time to time
What gorgeous pets you have they are all gorgeous:)

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