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  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling me

    This dog is just a big softie, he loves attention. I think he enjoys cuddling me because I always give him ear massages and treats, haha! :p When my family and I adopted him, he was so nervous and didn't really want any cuddles or kisses because of him being a rescue but now he just cannot get...
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's YouTube channel

    Here is two videos of Rocco And here is a link to his YouTube channel
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco and I cuddling on the sofa

    Yes it's me JRT_ftw, I changed my username. Anyway, here is a cute picture of me and Rocco together.
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Friday with Rocco

  6. Twopoofsonepom

    Two poofs one Pom

    Hello my name is Pippa, I’m a 6 month old Pomeranian. looking to make news friends and learn more about the dog community x
  7. Voice 4 The Voiceless

    hello everyone newbie here :)

    just a little introduction - i am laura jane and a Rottweiler mummy, i absolutely adore dogs and they are definitely a “mans best friend” , i work as a care and support worker which i love doing and i am currently running a petition for a register and barred list to help protect our fur babies...
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute

    Here's two pictures of Rocco cuddling up with his Daddy
  9. houseof_fraser

    Our floofy family

    Yuffie 4 year old Merle Border Collie, Eli 2 year old Bearded Collie x GSD, Fraser 7 year old Black Labrador Theodore the 9 month French Lop bun and last but not least ... Iluminada the 2 year old Pygmy Hedgehog <3 If anyone has Instagram for their pet be sure to give us a nudge and we’ll...
  10. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady's memorial statue

    Having mobility problems and being in a cramped small flat for 2 years, the council finally got me a lovely bungalow and Lady would sit outside in my back garden keeping guard. I told my parents I wanted to do something special to honour her memory and so I'm getting something like this to put...
  11. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Roco watching TV

  12. Crazy Dog Man

    Roco's cuteness

    Here are some adorable photos of the new addition to the family. Roco is from Romania, he found outside in a box and had to fight for his food, veterinary services rescued him and a charity fund brought him over to the UK. After losing Lady, we thought we'd never adopt another rescue dog but...
  13. Ava

    Butter wouldn't melt!

    Don't let the cutest fool you!! :rolleyes: People approach him all the time and say things like "Awe, look at the cute puppy!" Their love struck faces soon change when he starts barking at them.. .Which he always does! :( Please check out my thread "Bossy pup with 4 previous homes." He's a JRT X...
  14. SelenaPowers

    My T-Shirt is on sale 10% goes to bone cancer dogs

    If I Can’t Bring My Dog Im Not Going 10% Of The Proceeds Will Go To Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc..❤️
  15. SelenaPowers

    My Dog Curtis

    My Life & Bestfriend
  16. Crazy Dog Man

    The couch cushion I got my parents for x-mas

    As you know, everyone loves K9 sister Lady, so I got our parents a cushion to remind everyone. I would have an actual picture of the cushion on the sofa but my stepfather says it's still upstairs in the bedroom (or as my mother likes to call it "boudoir"). What do y'all think? Are you...
  17. Crazy Dog Man

    I was told there's a photo competition

    Here's two adorable photos, she's such a diva.
  18. Crazy Dog Man

    A video of me petting Lady

    As the description says in the video, she loves me talking to her like a baby and she enjoys foot massages. She is one diva dog!
  19. D


    Little cutie. Very lovely and friendly and he loves attention.