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  1. Sam.P

    Hi there, I'm new !!

    Hi my name is Sam im here to say hi and introduce myself ,I have a small chihuahua shitzu Cross named Florence. She is full of energy who loves to play and can sometimes be a little highly strung around strangers and though exited seems nervous and barks, but is much improved since she was a puppy.
  2. dogchant

    About Dog Chant

    Hi there, I am Joan from dog chant, a loving human parent of 7 dogs. 3 Pomeranians, 2 English bulldogs, 2 Frenchie, and 1 Havanese. I also own a blog. I am happy to join this forum, as I have learnt quite a lot in the past few days. Thanks ❤.
  3. W

    Hi Everyone and their dogs :)

    I came across while researching courses for animal behaviours ! So pleased I have found other dog owners ! Having been around dogs all my life, and various breeds I love all dogs ! I have had my heartbroken by a few over the years, most recently the loss of my beloved Lakeland...
  4. R

    Hello I'm a young masters student

    Hi!! I am passionate about dogs and have a research interest in the biopsychological impact of pet (dog) ownership. For my masters study I am interviewing YOUNG ADULT MALE dog owners about their experience of COVID-19 as I look into any psychological benefits of owning a dog. I urgently need a...
  5. Rosie and Me

    Rosie and Me say Hi

    Hi Rosie and I have just joined this group. Rosie is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and I am a human. She has recently become an only dog as we lost both of her grand parents last year. One at 13yrs and the other at 15yrs. She is coping very well with these losses better than I am. She has...
  6. Brynley Perrett

    Hello Dogforum

    Hi there! Nice to be part of the group. My name is Bryn, originally from Wales, now living in Norway. I am a landscape and pet photographer. I have 1 dog, a Malinois named Puma, my photography model! I am also running a project called Project Dogface. This project was developed after reading...
  7. houseof_fraser


    Hey everyone, I'm Hatti, 29 from Dorset UK and owner of 7 year old black lab Fraser, 4 year old Merle Collie Yuffie, 2 year old Collie Mix Eli and, if anyone's interested, 9 month old Theo the French Lop (who thinks he's a dog) & 2 year old Lumi the Pygmy Hedgehog. I've been wanting to join a...
  8. Nutranurse


    Hello all I’m new to this forum so will give you a bit of background. Many years ago after losing our family’s lassie collie we decided that we would never have another dog because of amongst other things the trauma of losing them. We are now retired and fully intended to remain dogless but...