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Hi there, I'm new !!


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Hi my name is Sam im here to say hi and introduce myself ,I have a small chihuahua shitzu Cross named Florence. She is full of energy who loves to play and can sometimes be a little highly strung around strangers and though exited seems nervous and barks, but is much improved since she was a puppy.
Welcome to the forum :)
Hello and welcome. What a lovely name you have given Florence - reminds me of the Magic Roundabout (if you are old enough to remember that).
Oh, I remember that too, @Hemlock! Dylan, Ermintrude, Zebedee, Dougal, and that's just from memory ;)
Hi and welcome to you both from me too:)

(I actually have a Dylan felt toy that speaks! Love him!!:cool::D)
We have a Dougal around here somewhere (or the furry Weetabix as I call him).

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