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lead walking

  1. H

    Noose style lead for small puppy

    Hi all, Picking up a Westie pup (our first dog) at the end of Jan. Have read that a 'snap around' or 'noose style' lead can be useful in training, with a gentle side flick being like 'tapping on the puppy's shoulder'. They look scary though as (if they were used badly by someone aggressive or...
  2. Heather and Dotty Dog

    Lurching lurcher!

    Hi everyone! :) Nearly 3 weeks ago I rescued a 6 month old lurcher puppy from Spain. She has a wonderful temperament, very friendly and happy and we have been working hard on her house training and obedience training, which is going well. The thing I am really stuck with is walkies. I kept...
  3. megf.h

    Recent dog aggression - help!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old rescue cross-breed (our guess is Jack Russell / Staffy) and she's suddenly become aggressive towards other dogs in the past couple of weeks. She used to be friendly with all dogs, but now growls and snarls at dogs who are far away as soon as she sees them, and lunges at...