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  1. Jo thurston

    Dog owner looking for advice on change in behaviour

    hi, I have a 5 1/2 year old female rescue dog who is a total cutie at home but has recently started to be a bit aggressive out of the house. She has been trying to nip some people who she doesn’t like the look of, and also becoming aggressive with other dogs, even ones who she’s known for...
  2. R

    Excessive biting!

    Hi! I have a 14 week old Old Tyme Bulldog (a healthier variation of a British Bulldog) called Ralph. We’ve had him since 8 weeks old and for 90% of the time, I cannot complain! He’s housetrained, can sit, lay, stay and give paw. Walks nicely on the lead. The main issue I have is biting. I know...
  3. Tex Tillis

    Kelpie/Border Collie X. Hello folks from NSW Australia

    My dog, Clyde, 7 yo neutred Kelpie, has the following problems: 1. He will not abide being left alone at home, not for 10 minutes, without barking continuously and loudly; 2. He cannot be trusted off-leash in the park, as he will invariably run aggressively at the meekest pooch and "air-bite"...
  4. pollypurple

    New Whippet x Greyhound Puppy

    Hi everyone, I've just got a new puppy, Leo. He is 14 weeks and beautifully natured.... until he does something wrong and needs a wee telling off. Its mainly for nipping me and my daughter. He has had a few accidents and i just try to take him to his puppy pad or out in garden but he barks run...