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Dog owner looking for advice on change in behaviour

Jo thurston

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I have a 5 1/2 year old female rescue dog who is a total cutie at home but has recently started to be a bit aggressive out of the house. She has been trying to nip some people who she doesn’t like the look of, and also becoming aggressive with other dogs, even ones who she’s known for years. Nothing has changed and I need some advice as to what to do please!
Any sudden change is best checked by a vet. She may be in pain from something that makes her wary of anyone or any dog approaching her, even if she does know them well.
Any sudden change is best checked by a vet.

In the meantime, keep your distance from any other dogs and people she may not like - avoid putting her in situations where she will show this behaviour.

Sometimes things happen that we don't notice, such as the dog being stung by an insect when next to another dog, or even a static shock when someone goes to stroke them. There might not be a noticeable reaction at the time but the dog remembers and makes the connection.

Is she Ur avatar? — are her eyes always that free of hair / bangs?
I’ve worked with bearded or shaggy browed dogs of both sexes & all genders who would become snappy when they couldn’t SEE clearly, so weekly eyebrow or bang trims were key to preventing fearful pre-emptive defense!

Also she might have early-onset cataracts, which can lead to snappish behavior, too. ;)

- terry


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