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puppy biting

  1. Ranvijay Singh

    Puppy Biting/Mouthing - best way to stop/limit it

    Hi, Just bought my blue staffy pup home, been with us a few days, and is a sweetie!, I have heard of the mouthing and he just has a funny few moments where he wants to attack our legs/feet - puppy mouthing i think? Does anyone have any guidance on how to stop/limit or training that I could use...
  2. E

    Looking for some advice on biting!

    Hi all, My family and I have recently rehomed a lovely 14 week old border collie puppy. She's settled in brilliant but has a biting issue. She seems to only bite on individual in the family (oldest son) whether it be hands or clothing and ankles when he moves etc. So.e of the bites are breaking...
  3. N

    Puppy aggression?

    Hi everyone, Our 9 week puppy has started to nip and growl at our feet and latch on and won’t let go. We have tried ouch and wiggling toys to trade, and tried to not over stimulate her when she is latched on. Tried to ignore her and sit on the couch to which she will jump on the couch and will...
  4. VictoriaSonny

    Barking off leash

    Hi. I’ve posted before about this and took into consideration what was said to try and help. I’ve avoided those open spaces as advised and Sonny loves putting his harness and lead on. We have done training on a 30 metre leash and ten metre for recall training, and he’s getting really good. Then...
  5. E

    Please help. Naughty puppy

    Hi, I have a 15 week old cockerpoo, she’s started jumping up on to the sofa we’re we’re sitting an biting us. He goes through burst that last about 5 mins we’re she just literally torments us. As she still has her puppy teeth there all really sharp. When we’re walking around she’ll jump up and...
  6. Tor

    Hello and HELP!!!

    Hi, So hello all, and HELP! I have a beautiful puppy - Blue - I will try to add the pic. He was born on Jan 9th and is a Blue Merle. And I love him to bits. But I am struggling! He basically wants to bite me all of the time he is with me. I try to distract him with toys like the books say...